Aaron Abadi

Media - Impact Media


Nationality: Australian
Age: 24
Occupation: Media
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 150
Hair Color: Blue/Green
Eye Color: Teal

This is a life path character for Stuart Vickery


Aaron Abadi is a media for Impact Media. While he is technically a glorified camera man, he has been gaining valuable experience covering dangerous and hostile environments and events for the last two years.

His footage has been seen extensively, and has become well associated with the events he has covered. Despite this, his lack of exposure as a reporter has undermined his ability to advance to an anchor position.

Recently, he has been gathering equipment and setting up his own studio sot hat he can transmit his stories without the need to be edited or held back. To support his project, he has taken to filming illegal bloodsports, Roboxing events, and even editing the occasional Calihot Simsense piece.

He has recently begun a Hypernet series called, Bare Facts, which is beginning to gain a following and also to draw the attention of corporate authorities, since the video he is showing on the site shows the unedited activities of some of those people. He has been very careful to display video on events that is generally off-radar, exposing some significant illegalities in the process.

His most recent video reveal that ORE was illegally dumping mining waste into local neighborhoods, spreading poisoning. While the company was able to deny this, and pin the activity on a few “rogue transport drivers”, it was forced to pay for the clean-up of the site and pay a sizable fine.

Aaron Abadi

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