Agave Joe



Nationality: Columbian
Age: 28?
Occupation: Fixer
Height: 6’10”
Weight: 295
Hair Color: Bald
Eye Color: Red


Agave Joe is a Columbian immigrant, now inhabitant of the western Australian city of Frontier. He is a well established fixer, specializing in hard-to-get items and although expensive always delivers as expected.

He always meets in public places for the actual hand-off of purchased goods, cleverly disgusting them whenever possible to facilitate transportation. On large items, he may provide “clean” transportation from the exchange site in the form of a vehicle, which he considers to be expendable.

Agave is a fan of Body modification. His obvious mods include leg and torso extensions, rippers, special rippers that are installed on his feet, a crown of spikes, polycarbonate serrated teeth, red cybernetic eyes, elongated fingers and toes, and implanted scaled subdermal armor.

He is fond of white designer suits, although he never wears shoes or hat.

Agave Joe

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