Artificial Intelligence




All is a transcended Human being, formerly a very wealthy widow and heiress to a massive mining conglomerate empire spanning three continents. All, decided to neural map her consciousness, upload it into a mainframe computer and utilize a specially modified proxy to give herself physical form when needed.


In essence, All is an Artificial intelligence, who’s personality template is based on a once-living person. In 2046, upon the completion of this process, The first act of the newly formed AI was to purge all records of her former existence, and re-establish herself as simply “All”. As a result of this act, no one really remembers who she used to be.

All immediately set about establishing a new political party in Australia, headquartered in Frontier. Her Anarcho-Transhumanist Party is considered a fringe political group, but is slowly beginning to gain momentum on the local level.

All is both an AI and a Proxy. Her AI utilizes the icon of a cybernetic woman, “streaming” cables from her form, symbolizing her interconnectedness with all things. her Proxy, is that of a lovely, obviously artificial woman, wearing usually high-fashion garments.


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