Angie Davis

Freelance Solo


Nationality: Australian
Age: 25
Occupation: Solo
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

This is a lifepath contact for Kitty Lockwood

Angie Davis is a freelance solo working in and around the Western Australian city of Frontier. She was once a mercenary working freelance operations for the South African Government, before she realized that the people she was working for were targeting helpless people.

Disgusted, she leveled the field, by eliminating the people responsible for the wholesale slaughter of a small village, before leaving the country. While in South Africa, she only undertook operations against armed militants. She was unaware of the other atrocities taking place until she was tasked along with a number of other mercenaries to hit an unarmed village.

When everything went sideways, she ended up eliminating some of the Mercs who were on her team when they attempted to kill her. Once out of the country, she moved to Australia, where she continues to operate as a mercenary, but is much more careful with her employment. She is an expert Sniper and close quarters combat specialist.


Angie Davis

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