Artificial Intelligence




Blackheart is a rogue AI, based out of the Western Australian city of Frontier. The AI is self-aware and independent. It was developed by an unknown corporate entity, whose intention was to create a higher function learning system, capable of forecasting social, political, economic and ideological trends into actionable future events, which could be used to provide analytical and investment information to the developers.

The exact means by which Blackheart became self-aware, or the means by which it became liberated is unclear. likewise it’s location is also unknown. It is believed that the AI may have developed a means of segmenting itself into Proxy bodies, but this remains unconfirmed.

The AI, tends to leave VR or VIGOR tags behind after it conducts any sort of net operation. This logo consists of a black and blue tattoo-style heart, flanked by red roses and bearing a ribbon banner bering the word Blackheart.

When encountered in action, black heart often uses an Anime style icon, of a white-haired, cyber-augmented character, wearing a blue and black science-fiction style jumpsuit and oversized robotic gauntlets.


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