Netrunner / Tech


Ethan “Bunyip” Wood was born to Henry Wood, a former mechanic, and Siobhan O’Sullivan, an Irish immigrant. He has a twin sister named Sian, a younger brother named Lorne, and older brothers named Lorne, Jason, and Nigel. They all grew up with the Folk Nation Nomad pack. Although two of his brothers have the same name, there was never an issue confusing the two due to their completely different personalities and generally running with different circles. Bunyip always got along with his siblings. In fact, he almost always got along with everyone he met. He got the name Bunyip because he would show up, do all his work or whatever it was he came to do, and leave before anyone would notice he had arrived, much like the cryptid of the same name. He left the pack to make his way in the world at 16. It was shortly after this that his parents went missing. His girlfriend at the time, Tesla, broke things off at this time for their mutual safety.Bunyip suspects that she knows something about their disappearance, but still has very strong feelings for her. The following year he became involved with a prowler by the name of Irene. Although they are no longer actively seeing each other, due in part to her profession, they still talk and “see” each other from time to time. When Bunyip was 18, he won a radio contest netting him Credits which he immediately invested into a small business. There he provides tech and netrunner services, and develop apps for VIGOR.


Current projects include an app he is calling, “Tokativ” an add on that turns your GPS into a tour guide. Over the next few years he made a few friends who are adept at keeping Bunyip out of trouble. Including a sane-ish member of the Mavericks boostergang (Noir), a cop with the Frontier Police Department, (Joel Castle), and a high price attorney (Benny).

Although Bunyip does have a little bit of money, he mostly returns favors and services in kind, instead of with credits. He currently rents a place in The Pinch , but still makes it a point to visit Mama Ritter of the street samurai, who has helped him out of more than one tight spot. Bunyip keeps a very clean cut appearance in the real world, but prefers to keep his avatar looking lower class. Bunyip also maintains contact with an arms dealer named Izias.




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