Caleb Sultan

Media Edge Media


Nationality: Australian
Age: 25
Occupation: Media
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 170
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

This is a life path character for Gimmy


Caleb Sultan is an anti-corporate activitist turned investigative reporter working for the Edge Media Network. He maintains a job at Impact Media, in order to maintain connections and use of resources that enable him to bring the unfiltered truth to the masses through Edge. Many on the street do not consider him a true activist because he does not attend meetings, protests or rallys, but those same people will tell you that his role in disseminating useful information is critical to the cause.

Caleb is a skilled videographer, although his usual role is in the preparation of anti-authoritarian propaganda for insertion into the networks by skilled netrunners working with the Edge Media network. In his day job, he is a fact checker and interviewer for more experienced journalists.

Caleb bears a nasty scar on his face, that “prevents” him from becoming a more prominent reporter, since he doesn’t have the right look. He and Gimmy work together regularly, when the right story comes along.

Caleb Sultan

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