Citizen Sabotage

Freelance Netrunner


Nationality: Swedish
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Netrunner/Solo
Avatar Height: 5’9”
Avatar Weight: Approximately 225
Avatar Hair Color: Brown
Avatar Eye Color: Brown

This character is a contact for FyFy.


Citizen Sabotage is a prior covert operator for the Swedish Security Service. He was disavowed after a mission went very wrong as a result of poor intelligence. He was captured by another Government when his attempts to infiltrate and hack a secured server inside a foreign embassy failed.

Disavowed by his government, Citizen Sabotage, determined to set out all the government’s dirty laundry. during this time he became wanted by Sweden and went into hiding.

It was around this time that Project Jotunheim was revealed to the Swedish public, although Citizen Sabotage had nothing to do with that event. When he discovered, however, that the government was attempting t hide their project by eliminating the participants, he began to work towards helping those targeted for elimination.

Using his online Avatar as a contact, he established a number of “safe contact” points around the world, and began to direct and assist Project participants to safety. He operates at least one safe house in Frontier Western Australia, where he is working on assisting FyFy. He is only contactable through his safe house interface.

Citizen Sabotage

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