Curtis Batarde

Nomad Bastard Brigade



Role: Nomad Pack Leader, Bastard Brigade.


Curtis Batarde, is the leader of the Nomad Pack Bastard Brigade. He was once the commanding officer of the 11th heavy mechanized brigade, operating in Taiwan. As a result of several bad command decisions made by the Australian Military Command, he was forced to disobey orders to abandon a large number of Australian citizens to Chinese forces. He was originally a Major general in the Australian Royal Army.

With this disobedience, he was stripped of his rank and title, found guilty of high treason and was ordered arrested to await execution. Very Charismatic and an excellent leader, the entire Brigade denounced their military role, and formed the Bastard Brigade.

He led the unit and their families as well as other civilians to Western Australia, despite incredible hardships. This success made him legendary among his troops and the members of his pack, securing his leadership position.

Attempts upon his life and the need to find a stable residence for his people led him to the city of Frontier. When requests for peaceful settlement were rejected and additional attempts at assassination were made, Batarde led his people in the taking of a portion of the Garden Vale neighborhood in the city.

Desperate, Frontier politicians requested assistance from the Australian military, who declined their aid. As a result the group has carved out an area that they consider their territory. It has become known as Batarde, or Bastard Town. It was named in honor of the pack’s leader.

Curtis Batarde

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