Ellen Stanfield

Police Pilot


Nationality: Australian
Age: 29
Occupation: Police pilot
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

This is a life path character for Stuart Vickery


Ellen Stanfield is a pilot working for the Frontier Police Department operating in the Western Australian city of Frontier. Ellen was a pilot for a non-government aid organization at the outset of the Pacific Conflict.

During the invasion of the Australian West Coast, Ellen few civilian aid into the combat zone and evacuated civilians from the combat areas. She flew and impressive 650-operational sorties during the conflict beginning with the invasion and culminating in the Chinese assault on Sydney. Even during the outbreak of SRV in 2048, she continued to operate rescue missions. Eventually she contracted the disease and was hospitalized for nearly a year. By the time she recovered the conflict had ended in ceasefire.

Even then, after she returned to duty, she found herself flying into the restricted zone around the Chinese Military Zone, to rescue civilians attempting to flee the Chinese and make their way across the DMZ. One such operation caused a near restart of hostilities when she rescued an escaped Chinese political prisoner and his family, killing several Chinese soldiers in the process.

These actions cost Ellen her job at the charity. Despite this, she attempted to fly a chartered vehicle into the DMZ, but was twice forced down by Australian Military aircraft. Eventually she was arrested and given probation. If she is discovered flying an aircraft within 600-km of the DMZ, she will immediately be incarcerated for 20-years at the infamous Bailey Prison.

Seeing no other options, she moved to Frontier, where she eventually became a pilot for the Police Department. She flies air support for the police and runs a small private charter aircraft service in her spare time.

It has been rumored that she is still involved in smuggling people out of the Chinese Controlled Zone. It has not been proven however.

Ellen Stanfield

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