FyFy is short for Fyrtiofyra (Swedish for 44).

FyFy was born in Sweden at the project site for Project Jotunheim. At the time of his birth he was assigned to the Kvalitetsgrupp D (Quality Group D). This group consisted of ten subjects.

As a member of Group D, FyFy and his peers were trained in tactical and social skills. By the Age of 10, he was completing training scenarios, and began Martial Arts training. At the age of 14, he specialized in the Drunken Boxing Style, showing great proficiency.

At the age of 16, Project Jotunheim was suddenly and violently disbanded as a result of a political and military scandal concerning the methodology of the project. Members of the project were systematically eliminated.

FyFy, however, would escape this fate. He was safely extracted by Citizen Sabotage from Sweden. Once extracted, Citizen kept FyFy safe, teaching him the skilled needed to stay off the radar of swedish Government operatives. They removed his embedded tracking chip and reported him successfully terminated.

To stay ahead f any potential pursuit, Citizen Sabotage relocated him transcontinentally several times to France, morocco, Brazil, South Africa, India, Singapore and finally to Australia. Here, FyFy met Sacha Hamilton, at age 17. They became fast friends and room mates. FyFy acted as a bimbo for him in return for room and board.

At 18, FyFy met Nina Holtz. He was also advised that the Swedish government was still hunting him and that he would be at risk if his identity was compromised.

At age 19, FyFy began a hot romance with Nina that abruptly ended, when they mutually realized that despite their compatibility any relationship they would pursue would be dangerous to them both.

Citizen uncovered critical data concerning FyFy’s family, alerting him to the existence of a brother named Viktor Jorgen. his brother is in Australia and is, oddly enough, a client of Nina’s.

At the age of 20, FyFy is introduced to Vincent Carpenter by Sacha. Vincent accepts him as an apprentice. FyFy only calls him sensei.

At the age of 21, FyFy was robbed by a street busker during a covert operation. Due to the circumstances, he could not retaliate against his mugger and complete the mission objectives.

At the age of 22, FyFy encounters nina again, but this time during a particularly difficult job. Nina introduces him to Trevor Varelias for his net runner skills. They get along fine, until FyFy discovers that Nina and Trevor live together.


*Citizen Sabotage




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