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Gimmy’s story begins in the wild lands of the Outback. At 9 years old he was discovered wandering alone in the wilderness by a group of outriders with the Great Khans. Initial reactions were split. The boy could barely speak coherently, but at such a young age he was as large as any 15 year old. After much debate and a few fights among themselves and with the unusually strong child, it was decided they would at least take the boy somewhere he could have a chance of survival. Along the way the boy began to pick up speech, albeit slowly. Simple words and gestures worked well for him.

From him they learned that he had been out in the wilderness with his mother initially. She had taught him a few basics of survival. He and his mother were attacked by some unknown assailants and he ran while she stayed to fight and buy him time to escape. There wasn’t much more that they could get from him, as the topic was one that was highly upsetting to him.

“To be honest, if he hadn’t managed to knock out Trigger as quickly as he did, we probably would have left him out there.”

The pack would leave him with one of their contacts in Frontier, Vulkana. She spent the next few years teaching him and looking after him, though it was occasionally a chore. Reading seemed beyond his comprehension so she developed a series of picture flashcards to help him navigate when she wasn’t able to watch him directly. These cards helped him link images of people and places to ideas he could follow; Friend, danger, safe place, and so forth. This system worked well, for a time.

At 16, Gimmy found himself in conflict with a group of Machineheads. His gentle nature goaded them into provoking the boy into a fight, which ended with him suffering a few serious wounds and three of them looking as though they were shoved through a compactor. His mentor, concerned about retaliation as well as frightened by the raw display of strength decided that his best bet at safety would be in the military. Utilizing a few of her own contacts, she managed to get Gimmy into training despite his obvious mental deficiencies.

Under the military regimen of daily life, Gimmy thrived. The physical aspects of military life were no concern for him, and the mental only required a little extra time and explanation for him to grasp. Complex thoughts did not exist to distract him from following orders.

“So what if you had to give him instructions in crayon? I wish I had a few hundred more soldiers just like him. He never asked ‘why’ just ‘Yes Sir’ and away he went.”
Captain Bianca Caster, CO, Alpha Company, 13th Mechanized Recon Division

A whisper campaign among the soldiers, who had adopted him as their unofficial mascot, eventually reached the upper ranks and Gimmy was not given the offer to renew his service contract, as they felt concerned about the optics of having someone sign a document that was clearly not competent to do so.

He was summarily dumped back into Frontier with no real comprehension of where he was or what he should do. He had, during this period, a few run-ins with other gangs in the area, but not all of them hostile. He learned fairly quickly how to read the street and how to maneuver them in relative safety, even managing to do the occasional odd job for a few of the gangs he encountered.

“Oh that guy? Yeah he’s a real sweetheart. Straight edge, moral compass all that. But he never gets when someone is lying to him. Tell him that he’s helping out some little old lady by ripping some moron’s head off? He’s all for it!”
It was during these little adventures that he crossed paths with Caleb Sultan, a reporter for the Edge Media Network. He took a liking to Gimmy who, despite being capable of things others might find despicable, dangerous, and frightening, somehow managed to maintain some semblance of innocence in the world. The two became fast friends and Caleb managed to convince others in the movement to give Gimmy a chance at being a field reporter. And that is where he finds himself to this day.

“The kid had a knack for being where the hotspots were. Whether he was involved or not, he just somehow always seemed to know or be where things were happening. Damned if I could figure out how. That and people tended to like him almost instinctively. Well, those that didn’t run away from the walking mountain of a man.”
Caleb Sultan, EMN Reporter

Since his discharge and subsequent employment, Gimmy has meticulously been learning the pulse of the city, becoming familiar with the various factions vying for control on the streets, as well as the various underground locations scattered around the city.



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