Fixer Pusher


Nationality: Australian
Age: 27
Role: Fixer


Grinder is a fixer specializing in illegal drugs and hard to find items. Grinder’s handle comes from a story about how he killed one of the enemies that had murdered several of his friends. The story is that in an open conflict in a metals recovery factory, that Grinder, slowly pushed his opponent into a set of metal grinding teeth. As the story goes, those same teeth ripped off his arm.

Of course, Grinder survived that trauma and chose to have a cyber arm installed to compensate for the loss of his arm. Over time that arm has been upgrades, altered in appearance, and currently has a matte bronze finish and sports a set of razor sharp Rippers.

Grinder sports a trademark Orange mohawk and beard. He has undergone genetic modification so that all his facial and head hair is naturally the bright neon orange that he wears.

Among the novel additions to his cyberarm, is a specialized flywheel assembly that increases his striking power exponentially. This energy can also be channeled into his cyberhand to allow the hand to rapidly spin, creating a sort of miniaturized rotating grinder.


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