Karen Lockwood



Height: 5’ 6"
Eye color: Green
Hair color: White


Karen “ Kitty” Lockwood was born and raised in London. Both of her parents work for Royal Enfield. She is the middle child of three, with an older brother named Neville and a younger sister named Hayley.

Though not the worst child of the corporate set, teenage years found Karen more often then not ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time. No charges that ever stayed on the books but several times was picked up for possession and other fairly minor crimes.

Having it impressed upon her greatly that she needed to clean her act up and future legal assistance might not be there for her, she allowed herself to get into the London Police Academy. She neither excelled at her studies, nor did she fail. Halfway through the program she dropped out, deciding instead to attend a corporation backed university, studying Cognitive Science. She did much better at that venue than at the police academy, managing to obtain a degree in the subject. However, rather than taking a job in the profession she continued to, as her parents put it, meander.

She worked for a while at a variety of jobs that were secured at least in part by her parents or friends of her parents. Receptionist on the executive floor of the corporate headquarters in London, Personal assistant to a VP of media relations. Correspondence specialist. None of the positions lasting longer then 6 months at any one time. Other then the opportunity to network and make some minor deals here and there, the corporate world also held no appeal for her.

In order to maintain why she usually had a fairly steady cash flow, she would routinely pick up a job that she would keep for a couple of months before moving on. A fairly decent score as a secondary for the sell of half a truckload of very much illegal firearms, set her up well enough that she declared that she was going on holiday for ‘a few weeks’.

She bounced around Europe for a while, then moved into Asia; hitting Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. By the time she was getting close to being at the end of her cash flow, she found herself in Frontier. Not being on the best terms and not wanting to jump through whatever hoops her parents would demand of her for the cost of a ticket home, she decided to stay there.

Thus far she has been in Frontier for a year. Though she makes good money and isn’t often without means, she does maintain an apartment in Mumbly. She also knows where all the local single stay hotels are located throughout the city.



Karen Lockwood

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