Freelance Tech


Age: 22
Gender: Male
Role: Tech


Lumens is a Japanese expatriate, who made their way to Australia as a political refugee. He is an accomplished tech, and was at one time, a rising star in Japanese mechanical design.

An early childhood prodigy, he was subjected to the best tutors and opportunities that Japan could offer. His political views, however caused a great deal of embarrassment for the Home government.

After being imprisoned for publicly ridiculing the ruling elite, he suffered a significant setback in his personal life with the loss of his parents in a terrible automobile accident the following year.

Lumens, arranged to smuggle himself and his younger sister out of Japan and they ended up seeking refugee status in Australia.

He made his way to Frontier, where he remains low-key and performs basic tech work for clients and friends to make a living.

Lumens takes his street name from the thousands of implanted micro-LCD lights scattered across his body. These lights are controlled by a specialized processor that can synch his emotions to the lights, or can be consciously controlled.

Lumens sister, Steel Ronin, a netrunner, lives with him.


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