Gang Leader Devil's Henchmen


Role: Gang Leader Devil’s Henchmen


Maul is the heavily augmented leader of the Chromer Gang Devil’s Henchmen. He is a psychotic leader, who rules through sheer force of will backed up by customs manufactured cyberware. Although capable of unifying the members of his gang, he often prefers to let the members do their own thing, only providing commands on occasion.

Despite this unusually lax level of control, Maul seems to have a solid hold on the leadership of the gang and has shown that he is capable of directing the gang as a whole to a specific gross goal.

This makes him exceptionally dangerous.

Additionally, he oversees the installation of all cyberware in their new “recruits”. His sadistic streak is exercised regularly through the application of agony and psychological warfare upon the new recruits until they become indoctrinated members of the gang, desperate to please him and to remain under his direct command.


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