Nahandi Siru

Owner Bare Necessities Lounge


Nationality: Indian
Age: 52
Role: Fixer, Owner

This is a contact for Karen Lockwood


Nahandi Siru is the owner and operator of the Bare Necessities Lounge, located in the Core district of the city.

He came to Frontier roughly 10 years prior, and began his career as a fixer by working with the various factions in the city as a go-to-man. over the years he became a well known player in many aspects of the city’s criminal enterprises.

Rumors exist that Siru was once a member of the infamous National Investigation Agency (NIA) in India, prior to his relocation to frontier.

As he aged, Siru began to focus his attentions into a more self-maintainable profession. He opened the now iconic Bare Necessities Lounge in the Core five years ago. The club has be come known for their private parties over the course of the years.

As a result of this notoriety Siru is always on his guard against potential hot-blooded rivals attempting to take over his business ventures.

Nahandi Siru

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