Nona Ritter

Nomad Street Samurai



Nationality: Australian
Age: 32
Occupation: Nomad
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Brown

This character is a contact for Bunyip.


Nona Ritter is a house mother for the Australian Nomad Pack, the Street Samurai. As such she runs a boarding house for the members of her pack that may find themselves in the city of Frontier. The house is also open to friends and allies of the pack.

As a result of this role, Nona is often called “Mama Ritter”, an honorary title granted to her because of her easy, motherly ways. She is generally laid back, very cool even under fire and is often seen smoking her cigarettes or having a beer.

While there are not many members of her pack around, the pack maintains a strong series of alliances, which facilitate most local needs of those in the area.

Nona Ritter

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