Russell McIntosh

Nomad / Tech




Rusty McIntosh was given the nickname “Rusty” because he constantly came home with rust chips on his hands collected from old metal in a scrapyard he would frequent as a child.

At age 10 his parents met with Milos Dusteater to take in Russell and his siblings and keep them safe before disappearing.

Russell and Titus ended up becoming close in order to help keep their younger siblings safe. Verna Baker and Reginald McIntosh resented Russell and their other siblings for accepting their new way of life and grew to hate the Great Khans along with all other nomads, period!

When Russell was 13, Reginald left the nomad pack to prove he could make something of the McIntosh name.

by age 15, Rusty had started going out on raids alongside the other members of the pack. he was usually assigned to drive the getaway vehicle. He eventually got to try his hand at some of the various positions in a raid group such as driver, gunman, thief, and lock pick, but he favored being the “product runner.”

At age 16, he was given the job to make a delivery to Leonie Masters of the Chosen. unknown to him, the delivery consisted of weapons designed to explode when used. Leone was training new recruits to the Chosen pack, and watched in terror as almost everyone of the recruits were killed when the weapons exploded. This single event provided leonie with the fuel to hold a grudge against Rusty form that point onwards.

The following year, at age 17, Russell was making a run, when his vehicle was ambushed by Leonie and the surviving members of the training group. They beat Russell nearly to death, leaving him with several scars and every finger broken.

At age 18, he participated in a group raid which turned out to be against Reginald’s home. Russell was in the process of picking the lock on the door when the alarm system sounded. While the rest of the group escaped, Russell was caught by Reginald, in the act. Russell was detained for nine months, awaiting trial before Reginald dropped the charges. Reginald warned his brother, “you are lucky i am your brother. I could have you locked up and ruined.”

At age 19, Russell took Kelvin McIntosh, Juliana Townsend and Ralph McIntosh on a big raid, netting each of them 900 Credits.

Russell travels around by himself for the most part. He calls some of his close friends made in the pack when needed, and never leaves home without his trusty wrench, Turner. He is a member of the Great Khans Nomad Pack, and owns a custom off-road vehicle named Rusty.



Russell McIntosh

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