Sarena Marly

Talk Show Hostess


Nationality: Australian
Age: 41
Occupation: Media
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 125
Hair Color: Brown/Purple
Eye Color: Purple (Artificial)

This is a life path character for Stuart Vickery


Sarena Marly is Stuart Vickery’s sister. The wife of Millionaire Johnathon Marly, founder and chairman of the Tri Bar Entertainment media empire.

Serena is the hostess of the highly successful talk show Sarena! She has performed in a large number of popular television series as a guest star, judged on a number of reality based television competitions, and provided voice acting for a number of animated series, audio books, video games and commercials.

A widely-recognized actress and media personality, Sarena is a successful media personality in the Western Australian city of Frontier

Sarena Marly

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