Stuart Vickery

Cop / Tech


Stuart Cooper Vickery was born in Townville, Australia on March 23, 2025 to Roger and Amelia Vickery. Youngest of seven children, Cooper was a common sight around the suburbs of Hermit Park with a tech scanner on its last legs and a screwdriver in his pants pockets.

Fairly often Cooper would be found in the midst of the remains of his latest mechanical victim, never something valuable or new. His proclivity was endured by the residents because it was so funny when it happened to someone else and thus could only be taken in good cheer when it happened to them, besides he managed to put what ever caught his attention back together without too many leftover pieces

So Cooper came to the attention of Dr Milo Charles, an expert in early cognitive and imposed sensorimotive skills, who was looking to see if a knack or talent could be overlaid or perhaps used to “direct” the inclinations of a subject. Dr Charles approached the Vickerys with an offer of a special school in which would allow Cooper to have a much better future. Guardianship was signed over and the boy was taken to Advanced Neurological Sciences. The study that the Doctor for which the boy had been recruited ended before he could be fully inducted; however he participated in five different studies before the age of twelve.

On Coop’s twelfth birthday, he discovered that he would be part of a another “wipe and cram”, the subject’s term for a drug induced amnesia and either a neuro-recovery of the ‘forgotten’ skills or an enhanced skill / muscle-memory overlay. Either one of which was tourturous. Desperate, Coop made a hole in the fence and departed for parts unknown.

After about three weeks, he made his way back to Townsville looking for his half remembered family unaware they had moved to Frontier. Coop spent a year living out of abandoned cars, repairing and selling appliances and gadgets to support himself and any odd friends, both the two and four-footed kind, that drifted in and out of his life.

After several failed attempts to recover the boy, Dr Charles sent word anonymously to Cooper revealing the location to which his family had moved. Hoping to catch the boy before he made contact with him family, the doctor sent several recovery teams to locate him.

Cooper, being small for his size, managed to sneak aboard a transport headed for Frontier by posing as a member of a large, boisterous family. He spotted one of the ‘Suits’ while disembarking the transport and managed to avoid detection.

He explored the city looking for his family while falling into the same pattern of survival and evasion. After six months and two near escapes, Cooper finally found his family. Dr Charles discovering the boy was back with his family, came imminently to Frontier. Demanding the child back and threatening a lawsuit, the doctor tried to intimidate the family.

After a lengthy court case that nearly drove the Vickerys into bankruptcy, the contract and Power of Attorney was voided and Cooper came home to stay.

Because to the upheaval caused by the court case, Cooper’s relationship with his siblings was strained an, in some cases, broken. He was not particularly close to his eldest brothers so their behavior didn’t phase him. He was closer to his sisters and his youngest brother, but his favorite sibling was his youngest sister. The only one who was not in the household when he left, Barbara, was completely unfazed by the later lawsuit and loved Cooper unconditionally.

After obtaining a Masters Degree in engineering (The damn place was good for something at least), Cooper joined the Frontier Police Department. He did so, not out of a sense of duty or power, but because a friend talked him into it. It also didn’t hurt that there seemed more freedom in the department then working for a Megacorp, especially since his experieces at the ‘school’ left such a bad taste in his mouth.

Stuart Cooper Vickery stands 5’6" and has a slight build. His short black hair is cropped short enough only to lay down and he prefers understated clothing. He has a hustle on the side selling ‘grey’ enhanced weapons; not so much for the extra money but the challenge. When he shows up for meets with people he doesn’t know or trust, he will has one of his solo contacts act as an escort and another as a sniper.



Stuart Vickery

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