Trixie Lahore

Simsense Actress


Nationality: Australian
Age: 18
Occupation: Simsense Actress
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 100
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Brown

This character is a contact for Karen Lockwood.


Trixie Lahore is a Simsense Actress who simply loves the attention her job grants her. She also happens to love sex, so you can guess what sort of acting she performs most often.

Tribe loves acting and is very versatile. She generally likes to perform in the “fantasy” roles, which offer her the chance to “try new things, especially in different ways.”

Despite her youth, Trixie isn’t an easy mark. She is trained in three martial arts, and is an expert shot with a handgun, thanks to training provided to her by her now deceased father, an officer with the Frontier Police Department.

She is very capable of acting in non-sexual roles as well, and has produced a number of cult followed Simsense films still in circulation.

Trixie Lahore

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