Armadyne Industries is a multinational corporation dedicated to the design and construction of extra-Earth vehicles and habitats. The company has been instrumental in designing the iconic Muse Station. They also assisted in the design transportation and construction of the Tranquility Moonbase.


The company has remained ahead of the other corporate entities wishing to exploit space through an aggressive expansion and research and development program. When they discovered that they would be unable to compete directly with Orbital Air for example, they designed and constructed their own launch facility in Western Australia, then proceeded to use that facility to allow them to design and construct Muse Station, located in the L-3 La Grange point. Suddenly they were able to compete directly with Orbital air and have been steadily absorbing some of their extra-spacial marketshare every year.

As one of the most innovative and successful extra-Earth companies, they are undertaking orbital cleanup and recycling programs as well as extra planetary mining and transportation programs.

The Company maintains an earthbound corporate headquarters, which is located in the Western Australian city of Frontier. This allows them to remain in close contact and support their coastal launch facility located less than 100-kilometers away.

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