Eden Barrows


Eden Barrows is a neighborhood in the Western Australian city of Frontier. The neighborhood is located on the western coastal area of the city. It is bordered by the neighborhoods of Eden Heights, Garden Vale, and Agworks.

The neighborhood is a mix of residential, light industrial, and light retail zones. The largest single economic force in the neighborhood is the massive Southwestern Health Campus, the countries largest and most modern healthcare campus and hospital system. The massive building houses not only a medical sciences campus, but also a fully functional hospital and all the associated specialties supporting it. As a result of this buildings presence, a large number of the support industries in this area are medical equipment manufacturing and service companies.

Another major contributor to the local economy is the Renraku Computer Systems Corporate headquarters building. These buildings house not only the research and development divisions and the corporate business operations, it also contains a computer hardware design and manufacturing facility. As can be expected, a large number of supply companies exist near this organization and provide services, materials and minor industry support for Renraku.

Due to the prevalence of a strong tax base, the area also boasts the Sea’s Edge Observatory and the Pacific Conflict Memorial Park. Both of these structures are must-see locations when visiting Frontier and are often visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Eden Barrows

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