Folk Nation


The Folk Nation is a large Nomad Pack surviving in the outback of Western Australia. The group is comprised of the combines townships of several small townships that once existed in the Australian Outback.

The majority of the members originated in New Queensland and were displaced as a result of the conflicts taking place along the coast. However, this group began to collect other smaller groups- primarily people whose towns were collapsing as a result of economic factors, or agricultural crop failure.


Over time, the pack began to number upwards of 10,000 people. At this stage, the group began to look for a suitable permanent location to call their home. They have thus far been unsuccessful. in each case, the areas they have located were restricted by military or corporate concerns, lack of resources or economic factors. As a result the Pack travels from city-to-city seeking employment in whatever industry will have them. Many of the members become edge runners, supporting the pack through the performance of various jobs, both legal and illegal.

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Folk Nation

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