Critical Data

Type: Chromer Gang
Size: Medium
Resources: High
Influence: City Wide
Tag: Cybernetic graffiti usually exaggerated, hard to identify- gears with teardrop patch.
Colors: None



The Machineheads are a Chromer Gang located in the Western Australian city of Frontier. The group has dedicated their existence to assisting in the downfall of all organized governments and corporations. They take their inspiration from the song lyrics written and performed by the band Earth Dies Screaming.

Their leader, Tom Marrow, is an ex-soldier, whose cyberware originated with his military service. After losing contact with his humanity, he conducted an unsanctioned mission, in which 60 civilians and 20 soldiers were killed. He then abandoned the army and moved to Frontier, where he established the Machineheads. They were both a tool for his protection, as well as a means to achieve his eventual goal of making himself the Military Governor of Frontier.


He has extensively trained the gang members and they actually operate in fire groups of four members on most undertakings. These groups are trained to operate in a military-like fashion, making them exceptionally dangerous. These fire groups can be combined with little difficulty to undertake more difficult operations.

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