Critical Data

Type: Booster Gang
Size: Medium
Resources: Below Average
Influence: Northside, Humphrey
Tag: Shoulder pad with skull and crossbones, skull and crossbones graffiti
Colors: Nothing specific



The Mavericks are a medium sized Boostergang whose primary areas of operation are the Northside and Humphrey neighborhoods in the Western Australian City of Frontier. The group is comprised of members each possessing a significant amount of cyberware. The group isn’t focused on any particular area of crime, but seems more organized into a group desirous of creating mayhem. They seem to be criminal opportunists, seeming to focus on vandalism, murder, rape and violence for its own sake.

The group is considered one of the most dangerous in the city, specifically because they do not seem to have any real goals or agenda beyond destruction. Attempts to eliminate them over the years have been unsuccessful.

The gang is currently in an uneasy arrangement with a loose alliance of Northside gangs. this group include the Ozoners, Great Whites, Volksfront, Scraps, and Hammerheads.

It is unclear what they receive from this arrangement other than more opportunity to wreck havoc in other parts of the city.

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