Mumbly is a neighborhood located in the Southwestern portion in the city of Frontier. The Community is surrounded by the Victoria, Newton, and Orient neighborhoods. The neighborhood is situated with the Frontier International Airport on it’s Western edge.

The area is dependent upon the Pumping, Rig Support, Oil Exploration, Offshore Drilling, and refining of both Offshore oil and Natural Gas, sourced from the nearby Offshore Gorgon Gas Fields. This work is primarily undertaken by Union Global Petrochemicals Corporation.

The Massive Union Global Gorgon Refinery is one of the most obvious landmark in this portion of the city. This refinery is one of the busiest in the world and provides a massive amount of fuel for domestic consumption. In addition the facility purifies and processes natural gas. This natural gas is then distributed throughout the city, where it is consumed for heating.

Additionally, the Natural Gas from this facility is distributed to the Gorgon Gas Plant, which in turn helps provide power for the city. This gas-fired generation plant is in direct competition with the Simcoe Hydroplant.This facility is owned and operated by the Union Global Corporation.

Because of the tight proximity of the refinery, the area is primarily used for industrial purposes. The Warehouse district is an example of the exceptional storage infrastructure located here. These massive, tightly-packed facilities offer numerous warehousing options, and many of the Corporations in the city use them at some point. This portion of the neighborhood, positioned close to several docks and the M-16 Motorway, is commonly referred to as the Warehouse District.

The further inland that you travel from the refinery, however, the more diverse the neighborhood becomes. In this area, the most easily recognizable landmark is the Mumbly Mall Complex.

Two other somewhat popular destinations in the area are Jerry’s Bar and the C9rcle Club. These two night spots, are exceptionally popular with tourists and locals alike.


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