Critical Data

Type: Self-Defense Gang
Size: Medium
Resources: Average
Influence: Orient
Tag: Members often sport Chinese tattoos declaring their allegiance.
Colors: Not Applicable


The Ronin is a self-defense gang located in the Orient neighborhood. The group is comprised of mostly Chinese immigrants and citizens of the city, although a significant number of Japanese members are also present.

The group was formed as a result of the stolid anti-immigrant, particularly anti-Chinese, sentiment caused by the outbreak of the Pacific Conflict. With violence against immigrants on the increase, concerned members of the Orient community agreed to form their own self-defense group.

The original Founder was a Japanese Bushido instructor need Ono Ichi. he was killed in an anti-chines riot in 2048, while working to protect some children from attack. His daughter Yukimi Ichi, whose mother is Chinese, assumed the leadership of the group at age 18.

Under her charge, the group has managed to improve the safety and security of the immigrants still living in Orient. She has begun to turn her attentions towards political activism, in an attempt to have some of the social and legal restrictions placed upon immigrants, lifted.

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