Recovery & Repair, LLC. is a veteran owned and operated business located in the Winding Creek neighborhood of Frontier near the Winding Creek Heliport just off the M-11.

Specializing in the repair of vehicles, from Vector Thrust to Gyro and even Ground based vehicles. If it can move you we can fix it or make it move you faster!
Are you having some problems with your bird at your hanger? No problem we will come to you!
Did your AV go down in the outback? We will come fix it or bring you and it back!
Did you have a mechanical failure that has put you somewhere you can not get back from?Let us come get you and bring you back.
Located in Winding Creek just off the M-11 with easy access to the Winding Creek Heliport.
But don’t worry we are also have a fully mobile setup to get you on your way from where you are.
Fully Licensed and Insured.
A proud sponsor of the Boy Scouts.
Business hours are by appointment only.

The newest vehicle recovery and repair facility in Winding Creek, R&R, LLC is a small operation located adjacent to the M-11, with easy access to both the heliport and the outback. The facility is located on a 1-acre tract of prime industrial aerospace industry zoned- property. The property consists of a single 115-m x 75-m x 25-m hanger and repair bay, with integrated offices. The facility is rated EF-1 on energy efficiency and is considered a Green Footprint Property, due to the use of solar and geothermal power.

The company operates an OshKosh LVSR as their primary recovery vehicle and also utilizes a Ford Offroad Extreme Utility Truck for smaller jobs. They are licensed, insured and fully bonded. They possess a FM2 Rating of 500, due to their recent creation. The property is rented, but currently held on a one-year lease by the owner Todd Tolhurst.


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