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VIGOR, or Virtually Integrated Graphical Optical Render, is a specialized virtual reality system that enhances the users real-world experience, by superimposing virtual reality constructs, built into the web infrastructure, through the Virtual Imaging Glasses. This enhancement is commonly called Hyper-Reality

This allows specialized content, to be streamed live, specially selected or select-able for or by the consumer. Enhanced advertising, special content, exclusive offers and targeted interest data is just some of the items offered by the use of VIGOR technology.

The technology depends upon the latest iteration of the Ihara-Grubb Transformation Algorithms that created the earliest versions of the modern net. originally the ability to see VR constructs, data fortresses, Net-only content and videos was limited to those capable of navigating the net. Now with VIGOR technology, any person wearing VIG glasses can not only see but interact with these icons and content, although at a decreased level compared to that done by a net runner who is actively jacked into the system.

The glasses allow for activation of interactive consumer content, such as video feeds, personal data vaults, cloud libraries, personal cloud library content, and interactive game spaces or net hangouts. Most VIG systems offer an ICON option, which allows those using VIGOR to see a selected icon or avatar selected by the user, instead of seeing their actual physical form.


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