Interface 2050

Clean-up Aisle Four
Episode 2

And Action!

After the events of the prior days, dealing with the Hammerheads, and Miss Aver in the Northside, the group started to handle the arrangements that had manifested as a result of those events.

This involved Kitty and Bunyip to start their production on the Simsense work that they had captured breaking into Miss Aver’s lab, capitalizing on the visuals, but editing it to create a more entertaining version of events.

Realizing that there would be gaps in the video they were creating, due to the need to clip out some boring portions, remove some identities and alter a few details best not shared, Kitty hired famed Simsense actress Elsy Cadence to gather some additional footage, which could be modified to fit the general tone and feel of the existing footage, and to add an additional level of dread, foreboding and horror to the original that it lacked. Elsy agreed to provide 4 hours of additional footage that Bunyip would alter post production into usable footage.

Of course, this work was made easier with the use of Kitty’s extensive production studio available to the duo. After three hours of work, they had the digital masks and virtual environmental applications ready, and all they needed was the final footage from Elsy to fill in the missing areas in post production. With the recent information hitting the streets considering the elimination of Zero Von Cyborg by a group of edgerunners, it was believed that the final product would sell well. Considering the readily available number of chips recently acquired by Kitty, the overhead was fairly low, and the two stood to make some significant money if they made any reasonable sales of the chips.

Behind the Badge

Meanwhile, Coop returned to the police station after the completion of his mission only to find that he was to be returned to the boring doldrums of tech support once again. With the recent excitement, he had come to realize that he rather liked the recent operation and was reluctant to return to the halls of paperwork and repair that he had occupied prior.

He spoke with Captain Sandra Marks who advised him that there was little she could do to prevent his return to his department, unless she could have him officially attached to the department for the duration of a “critical repair.” It turned out the the units last tech, Jones, had committed suicide after suffering from a complete break, and had left the repair of the unit’s primary armored transport vehicle in pieces, and in need of repair. Should Coop agree to repair it, the captain would make his attachment to the unit more long term until she could justify stealing him from technical support on a more long term basis.

Coop was of course, quite happy with this arrangement, and agreed to repair the “Lenko” as requested, to insure his attachment to the SO Unit. The captain indicated that he didn’t need to rush it, as long as he made himself useful and did the job right.

After the meeting, Coop was provided the desk of the prior tech and given some “paperwork” to fill out. Realizing that someone was attempting to put off doing some of their own work, Coop provided the short version of the requested work and returned it to the requester, earning the grudging respect of the team.

Once settled, Coop then gained access to an unsecured terminal in the precinct and installed Miss Aver’s flash device, which supposedly uploaded a program into the Police network granting her access to Police files for the entire Frontier Police Department.


While the others were handling some personal errands, Todd, contacted Lin-Sa Feng to request some assistance with handling his staffing needs for his business, R&R LLC. Mr. Lin-sa provided Todd with a contact at Midboss, who could assist him.

After making contact and scheduling an appointment with Midboss, Todd then provided them with all the requirements needed to acquire 5 candidates to act as Operations Directors. Additionally Todd requested that the applicants be local and available for interview on the following Monday.

Don’t harsh my buzz!

Rusty found a nice secluded location to get himself baked on organic pot. Taking advantage of the low cost and legality of it, he acquired nearly half a kilo, some of which he saved for future consumption. To facilitate this, he located a secluded spot where he would be safe for a few hours.

Arranging an encounter

At around the same time, Fyfy was making arrangements to meet up with Terra Sloane. She was working at Ozone Club at the time but would be able to meet later that day, or even the following day.

Getting the Entire Story

Gimmy took this short window of time to finally get around to watching the personal diary video the Miss Aver had provided him. The video diary gave him the background that was needed to fully comprehend the gravity of the actions that Cronacorp and Futuretech had taken against her.

In addition to that information, it also described in great detail, the steps that had to be taken to survive her ordeal long enough to develop a means of preserving herself. It also detailed the steps she took to restore herself to a mostly human form as well as the development of Zero Von Cyborg.

The video diary was hours long and Gimmy watched the entire thing. He knew that eventually he would be interviewing her.

The Hot Tip

Coop received a call from a contact of his, Aristotle Church, who stated that he had a line on a bounty contract against the Mavericks street gang by an anonymous client. At a price of 500 CR per identifiable head, it may well be an opportunity to rid the city of some crime while making a bit of spending cash. This information would be all his for a small finder’s fee of 750 CR (after they negotiated it down from 1000 CR). It was suggested that a team of people might make enough money to make it worthwhile.

Coop decided to talk to his recently found friends to see if they were interested. He was certain that most of them would be, but he couldn’t be certain without speaking with them.

Interestingly, a second tip was relayed to the city via the Edge Media Network which mentioned that a group of local citizens in the
Bartown Barricade in Humphrey were looking into hiring edgerunners for a job against local Mavericks as well. This might provide a unique opportunity to double up and profit twice from the same job.

Coop contacted everyone, beginning with Kitty, who had everyone gather at her studio to discuss the option. Once everyone agreed to do the job, Coop contacted Aristotle, to get the information, which included the location to take the bodies, Iggy’s Ice Cream Factory; as well as the information to contact a talent scout named SamSara for payment.

The Bartown Street Business Association

Rusty drove the group to the Bartown Barricade portion of Humphrey. There they made contact with Street Preacher Fredericks, who explained the situation to them. It fundamentally boiled down to a need to forcibly evict a number of mavericks from a nearby brownstone apartment building.

The gangers had taken the structure over earlier in the week, displacing or killing the residents of the building. Those that survived were under the immediate care of the Church of New Transfiguration, that he oversaw. This arrangement was in violation of corporate policy, so there were few funds available to see to the peoples needs.

He and the few remaining owners of local businesses had agreed to hire a group of netrunners to handle the problem. They had originally hired their own constable and deputy, but both had been killed early in the crisis, leaving the group desperate for assistance.

While the area was not wealthy, the business owners had all agreed to provide something as an incentive. As a result he asked the members to visit The Big Day Bridal and Catering shop, where he would have all the owners meet the group and pitch their offer for assistance. The only request was that the building remained standing and preferably livable after everything was done, since the idea was to allow those living in the church to return to their homes.

The Bartown Barricade Pitch

Once everyone assembled at the Bridal shop, the respective business owners each told the group of edgerunners what they could offer in exchange for their assistance. As a representative for the Church of the New Transfiguration, Street Preacher Fredericks offered a flat 1,500 CR each. He stated that he would take the money from his charitable works fund.

Sabrine DeCosta, the owner of The Big Day Bridal and Catering offered the group 20 Consumer FM points, and 2,000 CR in either catering or Wedding Planning credit. Additionally she offered to act as a discount contact for flowers or formal clothes through other vendors if needed.

Quick Meal, owned by Bander Marley offered the members of the group 250 CR at any Quick Meal locations across the city, or 500 CR that if they chose to only use his Quick Meal. His store carries a variety of higher-end prepackaged foodstuff and a broader selection of sundries than most Quick Meal locations.

Trix-e the owner of the Electro Mart offered the group 500 CR each at his shop, which sells electronic components and tools for hobbyists and designers. As the cost of individual components is fairly low, this is a significant amount of credit at such a shop.

Alpha Actual Armory’s owner, Stefan Zoyvich, offered each member of the group 1,000 CR worth of custom weapon work. He would also agree to provide component parts if desired instead of the work. As a weaponsmith, this means professional grade modifications.

The owner of Treads, Matso Hernandez offered each member of the group a full set of four high performance or off-road tires tires, a full set of custom rims and any custom or suspension work desired at no cost. Depending on the needs, this could be a significant value.

Caleb Handly the owner of the Go Store It Self-Storage offered each member of the group the free use of a micro-environmental 30′ × 30′ storage space for 5 years; each boasting a bio-metric lock. He also offered them 50 CR each.

After hearing the pitch, and being informed that there were roughly between 25-30 Mavericks in the target building, the group decided to take the job. If they could confirm that the 500 CR per head bounty on the Mavericks was legitimate, they would be able to clear some cash, some services and do some good all at the same time. Kitty negotiated the use of an enclosed trailer from Matso, to haul the bodies away in as well.

Iggy’s Ice Cream Factory

The next order of business was to verify that the bounty on the Mavericks was a legitimate offer. In addition the ability to scope out the operation first-hand was also a good idea. This would allow the group to get an idea of how serious this potential client was concerning their bounty.

To this point, the group made their way to the drop off location, Iggy’s Ice Cream Factory. The site was an abandoned ice cream production factory that had been closed down during the Pacific Conflict. The buildings formed a natural horse-shoe shaped enclosure, creating an excellent control zone for the people handling the bounty.

Upon arrival, the group noted a number of solos handling security, a handful of people wearing hazmat suits conducting the identification verification on some bodies being delivered, and the primary money man, SamSara.

Kitty made contact with the fixer and after a brief discussion verified that it was a legitimate bounty paying 500 CR per identifiable Maverick, and that there was no count limit to claim. All monies would be paid on Plastc Card. The only limit was that at midnight, the bounty became null and void. In order to claim their cash, the bodies must be back here no later than midnight, any bodies brought after midnight would not be accepted.

Satisfied that everything was on the level, Kitty and the others knew that they had the good potential to make some serious money on the deal. In addition to the bounty, they would be able to claim the services for clearing out the apartment building in Bartown Barricade as well, doubling the profitability of the operation.

The Op

The group returned to the Bartown Barricade and connected up the trailer that they would use to haul the bodies. Coop acquired a large number of body bags to facilitate body removal and transport as well.

It was time to discuss the assault on the target building. What the group knew was that there were six floors to the structure that had to be cleared. It was believed that the Mavericks may have potential hostages, and that they may be using some of the structure to manufacture street drugs.

After some discussion, it was decided to hit the building from two separate directions- the front and rear assault option. To better accomplish this, the group would break into two teams, Team 1 and Team 2. Each team would then breach the building from their respective entry points, eliminating any resistance along the way.

Team 1 would consist of Gimmy, FyFy, Bill and Rusty. Their assault would begin in Rusty’s Ute. As they rapidly approached the target building the occupants would lay down suppression fire against any targets located at the front of the building. The idea was to eliminate anyone there quickly, while potentially drawing any additional combatants forward towards the front of the building to facilitate Team 2’s breach of the rear of the building.

Team 2 would consist of Todd, Coop, Bunyip and Kitty. Their assault would take place at the rear of the building. The hope was that the majority of the belligerents in the building would be heading towards the front doors making their entry easier.

The First Floor

As the first team rolled up on the front of the building to engage the four hostiles outside, the second team engaged an individual on the roof, raising a bucket full of hand grenades. The resulting explosion wrecked several motorcycles, one of which bore the markings of the Chrome Division, and blew out all the windows on the back of the building.

As the first team breached the building, Team two breached the back of the building through now open windows. The back door was steel reinforced and inaccessible. The room that Todd and Coop entered contained some rotting corpses, which caused Todd to retch and evacuate the room. As the others entered a different room they engaged two enemies and then discovered a series of six pineapple hand grenades, rigged as a booby trap across the doorway. Kitty promptly disarmed them and the team moved into the corridor at the back of the building. At about the same time Coop discovered a mono-filament wire trap strung across a doorway. He removed the door framing and determined to use the trap to the teams benefit.

As Team 2 moved into the corridor, team one breached the front doors, although one of the enemy combatants managed to launch a flare into the cabin if the Ute, setting the interior seat ablaze. Bill, Fyfy and Gimmy, engaged targets exiting the adjacent doorways and one of the front rooms, as Todd in Team two took up an over-watch position at the far end of the hallway, to cover against flanking actions against team One.

Clearing the floor rapidly, the team was surprised by a pair of grenades bouncing down the stairwell and down to their positions on the first floor. The team was able to avoid significant injury, however, as the grenades proved less than effective. had previously set up the mono-filament wire trap, but the greneades destroyed it. Surveying the stairwell up, the team discovered a chain suspended from the ceiling wrapped with thermite explosive and a reinforced steel door at the top of the stairs blocking the egress. This trap would effectively drop fragments and molten metal into the stairwell, causing significant injury. The team had to come up with a plan to make it up to the second floor. The body count stood at 10 enemy combatants.

The Second Floor

As the door posed a very real obstacle to gaining access to the second floor, the team had to adapt their tactics to overcome this new problem. The team quickly considered their options and after a brief discussion landed upon a plan of action that would effectively allow the team to by pass the door.

The group broke into a few two-man teams consisting of Bill & Bunyip, Fyfy & Gimmy, Todd & Coop, and then Kitty and Rusty took up individual positions as over-watch.

The plan was deceptively simple. coop would use his shotgun to neutralize the thermite laden chain by severing it from the ignition source, dropping it harmlessly into the stairwell. As soon as the chain was down, Todd would rush the door to take up a position immediately to it’s front to cover against opening, or in case anyone tried to use the port in the door to lay down suppression fire or toss down further grenades.

As soon as the shotgun blasts were heard, Bill would use his ACR-10 to shoot up through the floor, into a room at the rear of the building, in an attempt to neutralize or scatter anyone inside. His rifle was equipped with air-burst ammunition, which would increase the effectiveness of the round once it had pass through the thin concrete sub-flooring.

Once his rounds detonated, Gimmy and Fyfy would enter that room using a two-man climbing method to gain entry through one of the glass-less windows. They would then engage any hostiles they saw, and clear the door at the top of the stairs from behind.

During this maneuver, Kitty and Rusty would hold opposite corners of the exterior of the building as over-watch, in case the team was attacked from outside. Once the breach team had accessed the room, Kitty, Rusty, Bill and Bunyip would all move to the stairwell, following Coop and Todd up the stairs and hopefully through the open door and on to the second floor.

It was a solid plan, but upon entering the second floor, Gimmy and Fyfy encountered three gangers in the same room, one of which was seriously injured, and then there were four additional gangers in the next room that engaged the pair through the wall.

While the pair were dealing with this issue, the ganger manning the door opened the slot to discharge a concussion grenade through the slot. However, Todd was ready for this maneuver, and slapped the grenade back into the compartment with the ganger, killing him.

When the explosion took place, some of the gangers attempted to engage the people in the stairwell through the wall. Bill eliminated that individual and then using the butt of his rifle smashed a hole in the wall. allowing access to the second floor with a boost up.

Coop and then Bunyip boosted through the hole to take up a position of limited cover in the corridor. As they did so, Todd broke out his handheld cutting torch and set to work cutting the lock free of the door. He was concerned for the delay in getting the door opened in time.

As the team engaged gangers exiting the rooms, and converging on the door, Todd managed to get the door open and he, Rusty and Bill managed to enter the floor to cover the other corridor. At the end of the hallway, a single individual with Chinese firework grenades proved a problem, but Gimmy used his 40-mm Grenade Launcher to evacuate the thick smoke that was hindering the teams ability to engage the target.

As the teams advanced, Bill engaged the target through the wall, killing the final assailant on the second floor. The body count was 21.

The Third and Forth Floors

Another door was present at the top of the stairwell leading to the third floor, but when one of the gangers tried to throw a grenade out the door, he fumbled it and it exploded without exiting the door. This, in turn ignited, some chemical fumes that were a by-product of the drug making lab on the third floor. The resulting explosion killed the last defenders on the third and forth floors. The body count was now 25.

The Fifth Floor

At the base of the stairs on the fourth floor, leading up to the fifth floor was a Paragon Arms Smart Security Door. Upon investigation, Bunyip determined that there were active data streams running to and from the door. When he shifted his viewpoint outside the interior of the buildings micro-net, the entire building disappeared from the Hypernet. This was the first sign that something was terribly askew.

Armed with this new information, Gimmy launched one of his drones and piloted it out the window to see what could be seen. The upper two floor windows were still intact and darkened so that optical spying was not possible. However, on the room, Gimmy spotted a number of Paragon Arms equipment crates and hardware components used for encrypted communications. This left the group wondering if they were interrupting a Paragon Arms operations.

An Invitation

As the team was working to gain access past the door, it suddenly opened. This was most likely a trap, but the group was determined to see the operation through.

Upon reaching the fifth floor, the group discovered that a significant portion of the fifth and sixth floor had been modified to create a sort of loft arrangement in between the two floors. The two floors had been reconfigured into a sort of high-tech computer server farm. A single individual was present.

On the upper floor the group encountered an unidentified Proxy. He would later be identified as Mundo Messias. The group attempted to get him to leave the area, but he refused. Uncertain of what sort of influence he may have, the group decided to withdraw from the building, taking their bodies as they went. Seemingly, the situation was of no interest to the Proxy upstairs and they were allowed to claim the 25 bodies they had eliminated on their way in.

Not Finished Yet!

Once the bodies were recovered and loaded into the borrowed trailer the group made their way to the drop-off point where they turned the bodies over to SamSara and his people for confirmation and payment. The bodies were confirmed and they group was paid 12,500 credits for their efforts.

Once the bounty was settled, the group then determined to deal with the pompous Proxy in the tower. To that effect, Kitty contacted her twin sister Mel, a skilled netrunner to trash his operation from the net side of things. Mel indicated that she would gather together some of her netrunner friends in the Red Brigade to assist her. however, before they could put anything into action, another party became involved and had already resolved the issue.

The third party in question was Cinch Connectivity Solutions. Coop had contacted a friend who worked there, Eleanor Costa, to ask for her assistance. It turned out that the TX line that the Proxy was hijacking was Cinch property. Eleanor was able to have a combat team dispatched to the site. There they eliminated the proxy and identified it as a persona fixed unit chipped to be Mundo Messias.

As repayment for the tip, Cinch agreed to rebuild and remodel the apartment building after they secured their TX line access. In the meantime they agreed to house the displaced occupants in a nearby hotel and to pay for basic expenses for them until they could return home.

Successful, the team returned to Bartown Barricade to claim their reward, which was promptly provided to them.

However, things were about to take a turn for the worse…

To be Continued…

The Lucky Winner
Episode 1


The city of Frontier was in turmoil on August 8, 2050. A series of recent layoffs at the Union Global refinery in Mumbly due to replacement of those positions by automated workers, was quickly evolving from a picketing line into a riot. Members of the Frontier Police Department had already been attacked by rioters and the city had decided to send in the riot police to disperse the crowd.

In the middle of this social cocktail, Bunyip, Rusty, Coop and Gimmy found themselves very close to the action.

Although they had not yet met, the events of the day would turn from bad to worse as they unknowingly made their way to other locations in the city. To avoid the majority of the chaos, each in turn made their way into Jerry’s Bar, a local hangout for workers from the various Union Global companies in the neighborhood. And while many people may have chosen to avoid this location, it turned out that the individuals here were simply waiting for the storm to pass them by, while watching the Frontier Crushers pound their way through the Adelaide Angels in Australian Football.

Some of those present would notice the others, but they wouldn’t meet properly until a short while later.

To the Terminal

As the worst of the riot died down outside, the four individuals at Jerry’s Bar made their way out into the street and on their way towards their original engagements. For each, this led them to the Hyperloop station at Mumbly, where they would call for an individual private car to facilitate their travels.

Unknown to them, they would end up sharing that hyperloop car, and the ride would change their lives.

Arriving at the terminal, also looking for a private car was Kitty, Bill and FyFy. And they would also be sharing the same train car.

Boarding the Train

The individuals boarded the train at the Mumbly Station, and began their journey. The trip management system had combined these particular passengers requests for a private car, simply because they were all going to the same neighborhood; namely East Township.

It would be this small detail that would place them all into harm’s way, along the route.

An Unwanted Passenger

Just after the Victoria Station, the group became aware of a badly burning Aerovector vehicle screaming towards their train car at high speed. The vehicle was rapidly losing altitude, and was being pursued by the Frontier Police Department.

The AV Truck crashed into the street alongside the tracks of the Hyperloop, but not before it’s sole occupant, Zero Von Cyborg- a renowned instrument of destruction had leaped from the vehicle and landed on the roof of their train car.

The AV Truck exploded into a massive fireball, killing or injuring hundreds, and dealing massive damage to adjacent buildings. The police aerogyros opened fire on the train car, attempting to kill or dislodge Von Cyborg, but did not succeed in their attempts.

Instead, rounds from the aerogyro’s main guns slammed into the train car, penetrating the passenger cabin, smashing the auxiliary controls that may have been able to stop the train.

The passengers, realizing that they were in grave danger sprang into action.

The first idea was that they may be able to wait it out and see if the notorious Von Cyborg would disembark on his own. When this did not happen, and in fact, he began to shoot wildly into the cockpit. The group realized that they would be unable to evacuate the train car due to the high-speed and fail-safes built into it, preventing them from leaving the car. With this in mind, the technicians of the group, Rusty and Coop began working on a means to stop the train.

During all of this, Gimmy had begun filming the events, and was desirous of sending his footage off to the Edge Media Network, where he worked. One small problem made itself clear, however- the police were jamming all communications along the route, in the hopes of breaking off any communications that Von Cyborg may be transmitting or receiving.

To help remedy this, Bunyip set about using some of the hardware possessed by Gimmy, Kitty and himself and attempted to burn through the jamming caused by the police. This was only partially successful, as the police coverage was extensive.

Unable to get any messages out, it was unclear to the occupants of the train car what was going to happen. That was, at least, until Coop’s smartphone began operating despite the jamming. The reason for this quickly became clear, Coop was a member of the Frontier Police Department’s Technical Support Division.

It was through this singular inbound only lifeline that the group learned the police department’s plan to stop Von Cyborg. The powers that be had decided to accelerate the train, and slam it headlong into a barrier they had placed across the tracks between the Bends Station and the Core Station.

It became quickly apparent that if this plan came to fruition, that the passengers on the train would not survive the encounter.

Police Actions

Along the way, the FPD evacuated several of the stations that the car would pass through. They also placed police tactical units in those stations in an attempt to either eliminate Von Cyborg, or to at least keep him contained aboard the train. As the train car roared through these stations, police units opened fire on the car, with more of the rounds hitting the car then the criminal riding atop it.

To escalate things even further, the Police requested the assistance of the Military personnel at the Orient Station checkpoint, hoping that the heavier weaponry would do the job, where the smaller police equipment had failed.

As the car shot through the Orient Station, the military fundamentally engaged the train car, rather than the criminal riding atop it, nearly injuring the passengers on board. However, with the limited advanced warning offered by Coop’s smartphone link to the FPD, the passengers were able to avoid any injury.

The Barricade Approaches

With time and space rapidly running short, the group decided on a desperate effort to stop the train themselves before it reached the barricade that the Frontier Police Department had established on the tracks.

To accomplish this, they group managed to break into the auxiliary controls console, but discovered that the innards of the system were too badly damaged to be repaired without more time and equipment.

Their next idea was to force the maintenance access point in the floor of the car open, to allow a tech access to the magnetic levitation coils beneath the train car. However, once access had been gained, it became readily apparent that disabling the coils from below would crush the tech doing the job to death, and create a crash just as bad as hitting the barrier.

The final option was to gain access to the Helios batteries that powered the train car and pull them. Once removed the car would belly-flop onto the tracks, rapidly slowing, but in a much more survivable manner.

With time rapidly running out, Coop and Rusty attempted to gain access to the battery compartment, located on the outside rear of the car. Their efforts were made easier by the fact that the military had blown out the windows of the car during their assault at the Orient Station. While Rusty held him, Coop attempted to gain access to the compartment, but was defeated by the security system and mechanical lock. He had been traveling without his tools, so he had little means to gain access.

However, it turned out that Rusty had his tools with him. The two rapidly swapped places, and Rusty climbed out onto the back of the train car. As they reached the Bends Station, Rusty managed to get the compartment opened and with one last bit of assistance from Coop managed to extract the batteries from the compartment.

The result was that the train immediately lost power to all of it’s magnetic coils at simultaneously, resulting in the car crashing belly down into the tracks. Von Cyborg was thrown from the wreckage, and escaped.

The passengers in the car managed to ex-filtrate from the scene of the crash before the police arrived. They were certain that being caught close to the events would result in their arrest or engaged with the police in hostilities due to their role in stopping the train.

Traintown Market

During their trip, it became apparent that the group had all been heading to the same place, the Traintown Market in East Township. Since they all felt that it might not be a bad idea to continue to travel together, especially if they encountered the police, they decided to hail a Maxi Taxi to take them to their destination.

Upon arrival, the group broke into smaller groups to help each other fulfill the individual need for traveling to the Market in the first place.

To this effect, it was discovered that both Bunyip and Bill were going to meet with Sacha Hamilton a pusher of medical grade street drugs. While Bill was looking to purchase some for his medical practice, Bunyip had been asked by a friend, Nona Ritter to repair one of the cold storage unit that Sacha needed for his business. This proved interesting because FyFy and Sacha had once been roommates, and knew each other well.

Coop, departed from the group and headed to the a local Thai Restaurant known as Phi Ning Thai to meet Amberlynn Kindricks. They were matched through a dating app, MeetMate™ and had been scheduled to have an early dinner together there. However, due to the incident with the train he was almost an hour late and she had left angry. He left her a message and rejoined his new associates.

Meanwhile, FyFy, after helping make introductions with Sacha, made his way over to the Taco Republic food truck, where he was to meet with a man named Agave Joe. A prearranged exchange was conducted and the encounter completed without complications.

As FyFy was visiting the Taco truck, Kitty, Bunyip and Bill made their way to The Heap to make contact with a tech fixer named Walker. There Kitty negotiated for a box of excellent condition SimSense recording chips.

Gimmy met with a contact, Cassidy Ming who claimed to have video that she captured in Orient, concerning the illegal dumping of hazardous materials in an alley in the neighborhood. They made the exchange of the video, and Gimmy then joined Rusty and FyFy, to help the nomad acquire 6 boxes of military grade SCOOP! for the pack from a fixer named Charro. They met in an alleyway adjacent to the nearby Jackpoint. The meeting went well enough, but there was some disagreement concerning the price of the goods. It was resolved peacefully and all parties went on their way.

With the business concluded, Kitty invited everyone to the Ozone Club later than night for drinks and dancing.

The Ozone Club

The group arrived at around 9 pm that night, and made their way into the bar. Many spent the evening prowling for potential playmates, drinking and otherwise carousing. Bunyip noted the presence of his sister, Sian Taylor. While Kitty conducted a little business with Tyrone King.

There were no dangerous encounters that night, and everyone left alive and well.

The Notice

The following morning, however, would bring a different set of problems for those who had been unlucky enough to find themselves caught in that fateful train car the day prior.

It began with Coops arrival at work the next morning. He was escorted to the precinct Captain’s office where he was exposed to a pair of predatory and disrespectful Detectives from Internal Affairs. He was advised that the department was considering prosecuting him for interfering in an ongoing police operation (by stopping the train), destruction of property (the train), and for the theft of some very expensive batteries (the Helios batteries had been taken from the train).

However, he would not be prosecuted if he would undertake a temporary posting with the Special Operations Division under Captain Sandra Marks. Failure to perform or cooperate would result in the worst.

He made his way down to the third floor, to meet with Captain Marks. There it was revealed to him that the other individuals that had shared the train car with him had been notified to report to the Police Precinct no later than 9 am that day, or face freezing of all assets assigned to their RINGs.

One-by-one, they awoke and discovered this message, and realizing that they would have a great deal of difficulty living without their RINGs, they each, made their way to the Police Precinct, to see what was in store for them.

The Contract

It turns out that someone up the chain had decided that this particular group was the answer to the city’s ongoing Von Cyborg problem. As they were the only individuals to encounter him in such proximity during a rampage and live, the powers-that-be had decided to force them to work together and bring down the big, bad, cyborg.

There was no pay involved with this job, in fact, it was not voluntary at all. It was approached under a threat of action if the members of the newly formed team did not cooperate.

Marks however, did not like the approach from upstairs and offered the group limited material support, and agreed to fund them 15,000 CR for additional needs. This resulted in a boost of drugs for the Doctor, a new Royal Enfield Arms AR-6 Hellion for Gimmy; a new Franchi SPAS-12 Auto Assault Shotgun with some FSDU Rounds for Coop FyFy received a pair of top-end Vigor Glasses.

All in the Details

Marks explained that some Analysts with the Police Department had developed a theory that Von Cyborg was actually more than one individual, each of which sported more sophisticated and dangerous enhancements as encounters progressed. As a result of video surveillance in the city, the Police were able to pinpoint the first appearance of Von Cyborg near the border of Northside and Humphrey. Most of the cameras in Northside are destroyed as a result of Gang activity in the area, so they suspect that this Von Cyborg originated in that neighborhood.

The police suspect that there is a Ripperdoc involved in the upgrading and installation of the new augments that Von Cyborg sports with each new appearance. The Department wants the survivors from the train car to enter Northside, track down Von Cyborg and/or his support and base of operations and eliminate them.

Data Mining

The group, once released from the police station made their way to FyFy’s place, where Bunyip conducted some data mining. Pulling old data from the various Von Cyborg appearances, it became clear that the rampages were getting longer, more destructive and that they were farther ranging. One of the more interesting points was the fact that a Cronacorp storage facility was damaged during this latest attack.

Using video acquired from Edge Media Network by Gimmy, it was possible to determine that the different incarnations of Von Cyborg were very different, indicating that it was likely that the individual playing the Von Cyborg role has changed.


The group realized that they needed to head into Northside in order to undertake their next stage of their investigation. Gimmy contacted an associate named Yuri who made arrangements for Gimmy to be able to meet Dietrich Heinrich, leader of the Volksfront.

It was also mention that there was a possibility that Aesop at Aesops Cybershop or some one at Tommy’s Tap may also be able to help them find Von Cyborg.

The Volksfront

The group made their way, via Rusty’s Ute, to the area of Northside known as Gang Street, where the Volksfront kept their headquarters. The group was stopped by members of the Ozonerz street gang, but were able to avoid conflict long enough to allow Gimmy and Bunyip to meet with the Volksfront.

To appease the Ozonerz, Bill provided them group of guards with 3 doses of Drencrom he had acquired at the police station earlier that day.

Gimmy and Bunyip, meanwhile, made their way up to the second floor where they met with Dietrich. The two managed to gain safe passage through the neighborhood, under Volksfront protection while they looked into finding Von Cyborg. In return, for that and contacts at Aesop’s and Tommy’s, Gimmy gave Dietrich FyFy’s contact info stating that FyFy could acquire guns for the movement.

Tommy’s Tap

The group made their way over to Tommy’s Tap, where they mingled a little to get some information. There Bunyip ran into one of his friends with the Mavericks, Noir. They were able to confirm that Aesop’s would be a good place to go next.

They were also told that there was an old abandoned factory, partially bombed out during the Pacific Conflict that many avoided in the area. This seemed like a good place to also investigate.

Aesop’s Cybershop

After the crew finished at Tommy’s, they decided to head to Aesop’s Cybershop, the second location suggested as a possible location for cyberware sourcing for Von Cyborg.

The crew arrived in time to see a group of Hammerheads stripping a crashed armored truck near the shop. Kitty, Bunyip and Fyfy headed inside while the others watched the nearby gangers with concern.

The door required the teller inside to buzz them into the building. After stating that they were looking for cyberware, they were allowed inside, and were then able to ask the clerk questions.

Once they made the subject of Von Cyborg known, the clerk refused to assist them without a payment. Kitty agreed to a 5,000 credit payment in return for any information. This info was of limited value, since the store did not knowingly provide any hardware for Von Cyborg.

However, Aesop was able to shed a little light on the issue for the group. He told them about some mastermind cybernetics ripperdoc located in the basement of a bombed out building in Northside named Miss Aver. He told them that she was occasionally buying up all cyberware on the street, stripped from people dispatched or those pieces scavenged from corpses. He told them that the building was near the heart of Great White/ Hammerhead territory, and that there was an agreement between the groups and the ripperdoc.

Armed with new information, the group headed to Jerry’s Bar once again to discuss the information they had, and to see what else they could acquire.

Jerry’s Bar – Another Round

The group ordered drinks and discussed what they knew, which seemed like just enough to get them all killed. In an effort to decrease the chances of their deaths, they decided to hit their contacts and see hat other information they could gather.

Research uncovered the location of the bombed out building. It also uncovered the history of the attack made on it and the death of Doctor Elizabeth Avery, a renowned scientist working there.

New Information

It turns out that the partially collapsed building had been a Cronacorp research facility in operation during the Pacific Conflict. The building was home to several research projects, most notably Project Alter Ego and Project Sentry. These projects were developed upon the framework set out by Doctor Elizabeth Avery’s groundbreaking work in Simsense, ASIST and Consciousness Transfer technology.

While the technology was hers, she had strong moral arguments against the use of the technology as a weapon of war. She discovered the goals of the program were to torture prisoners of war for the extraction of critical intelligence and immediately threatened to terminate the program and withdraw her licensing rights from the corporation. Two days later, an alleged Chinese agent entered the building and detonated a suicide explosive package. This collapsed the building, killing hundreds of employees and also Doctor Avery, who was in the sub-basement levels.

And so it seemed that seemed to be the end of things. However, the group decided that this tidbit of information could not be coincidental. This was especially true of the fact that Doctor Avery was a pioneer in Consciousness Transfer. All evidence and some speculation pointed to a possibility that Miss Aver, could be a reborn Doctor Elizabeth Avery. Perhaps a Persona Fix or some other technology related to Consciousness Transfer. It began to appear that Zero Von Cyborg was nothing more than a very blunt tool for revenge against her enemies.

Three Options

The Group made some arrangements to deal with Avers. It was unclear exactly what the means would be, but the options were limited to really only three choices.

The First Option would be to go in guns blazing. This method would only be successful if they were able to completely eliminate any of the possible three versions of Von Cyborg, likely to be at the location, as well as Miss Aver. Additionally, the group may need to deal with either one or both groups of Great Whites or Hammerheads, depending on the situation.

The Second Option was to manage to Eliminate Von Cyborg quietly without alerting Miss Aver, which was believed to be difficult at best. This option would allow the group to fulfill their agreement to the Frontier Police Department and possibly avoid any direct interaction with Miss Aver, a person they would need to steer clear of in the future.

The Third option would be to convince miss Aver to give up Von Cyborg, and in return gain some assistance against her enemies going forward. This would satisfy the need to bring in Von Cyborg for the police and turn Miss Aver into an ally, although at the risk of turning two megacorps ( Cronacorp and Futuretech) into enemies.

The Evil Lair


The group waited for the cover of darkness to make their way into Northside. They were prepared to provide some combat drugs to the gangers should they be encountered, but ideally they were hoping to avoid contact and make their way directly to the collapsed building.

The group approached the building carefully, masking their approach by sticking to rubble piles left over from the original bombing of the structure, and of those buildings nearby when the explosive was detonated.

Being proactive, Gimmy used a series of small personal drones to scout the area around the building. He was able to penetrate the structure and identify possible entry points. However, initial attempts to find any viable access through the interior of the remaining structure proved impossible due to the damage the building had incurred in the initial blast.

However, this initial scouting run, allowed Gimmy, to determine the existence of a subterranean parking structure under the front half of the building. Redeploying the drones, Gimmy was able to locate a viable entry into the parking structure and led the group inside.

Once inside, it became very obvious that the damage was extensive. The first sub-level of the parking garage was trashed, and the group were forced to make their way down to the second sub-level before they were able to find any viable access point.

Here, they were able to gain access to a security checkpoint and the elevator shafts that it guarded. It was clear that other individuals had made access to this point and that the group was following in their footsteps.

The group used the elevator shafts and ventilation duct-work to eventually gain access the sub-level one research lab. This area opened into a kennel, filled with long dead canines. Nearby signage identified this area as Project Sentry labs. A small pack of chihuahuas were roaming the area. Not to be fooled by the dog’s small size, the group proceeded cautiously, using drugged meat-flavored protein bars as bait. When two of the dos fell prey to this tactic, the group was horrified to watch the remaining members of the pack begin tearing apart their pack mates. This however, revealed the presence of some sort of metallic cylinder inside the animals intestines, indicating a greater threat than initially thought. The smaller dogs lost interest and moved on allowing the group to continue.

Accessing a partially collapsed stairwell allowed the group to make their way down to sub-level two. It was unclear what this area had been used for, but it seemed to be a partially functional cybernetics design and development lab. Here was the possible location at which Von Cyborg could have been developed, upgraded or repaired. Several components were identified that made it a very real possibility that this was the location used for the creation of the Von Cyborg unit.

Exiting this level, using a second set of stairs, Gimmy discovered one of the unit’s security features, an Elesec Mat. It gave him a slight shock, since he didn’t make strong contact with the mat. However, in an attempt to disable it, Bunyip was shocked to unconsciousness. After he recovered it, he was able to disarm it by accessing the power switch on the underside. Once disarmed the group was able to access the third sub-level.

Here, the group encountered another one of the buildings defenses. in addition to a pile of long dead bodies, a pair of automated rotary cannons were found. Fortunately the weapons had long run out of ammunition.

At this point, the group had reached the Cognitive Science Research Labs, which was the primary lab for Doctor Avery. As expected they found an automated table working to repair the latest Von Cyborg, two older versions of the same, one newer version and Miss Aver. The group was about to test their luck.

Dealing with an Insane Icon of Genius

The group had decided to attempt to negotiate with Aver, especially since they had pieced together the timeline that had caused her to be in the situation she was currently living.

Shortly after the blast that had wrecked the building, Doctor Avery had found herself trapped in the sub-levels with other survivors. She had managed to contact members of the Cronacorp board and CEO to let them know that she and others were alive. They had promised help, but none had materialized. Desperate to survive, she had been forced to upload her consciousness into the building’s mainframe computer, in the hopes that eventually someone would arrive to salvage something and provide her with a chance for escape. She waited for ten years, before a few individuals got word that some valuable tech may still be buried in the basement of the building that Cronacorp had abandoned.

A group managed to gain access, and one of the members of that team, a netrunner made the mistake of jacking into the barely functional mainframe. Miss Aver was born. The other members were either killed or in the case of one of them, converted into the very first Zero Von Cyborg, the vehicle of her revenge.

She told Cronacorp she was coming and set her first version loose. She hit them, each time cutting a broader swath of destruction across the city in an attempt to leverage pressure against the Corporation, leaving a trail of clues to lead the police to conclude that Cronacorp was responsible.

There was only one significant problem, someone was deleting all the data related to the attacks, leaving the police clueless. In effect Cronacorp was managing to avoid her revenge.

The group brought up several of these points, highlighting her broad collateral damage, and how her attacks weren’t harming her enemies at all, but only harming innocent individuals instead. The team managed to convince her to turn over Von Cyborg to them, and they would assist her in regaining control of her corporations, perhaps through support of a controversial legislative bill called the Digital Consciousness Act, which would allow her to reclaim her partial ownership in her companies. Barring that, other actions could be taken to aid her, including arranging a Proxy body for her to use, assisting in more direct actions against the corporations that wronged her, and spinning media favor to her cause.

Miss Aver liked the proposal and ripped critical components out of the most recent Von Cyborg and turned it over to the group in exchange for their assistance. No one knows what the future may hold as a result of this agreement.


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