Cee Cee



Nationality: Australian
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Prostitute
Height: varies
Weight: Varies
Hair Color: Usually Blond
Eye Color: Usually Blue

This is a contact for William Jones


Carl/Carla “Cee Cee” Cee Cee is a unique member of the horizontal entertainment community. S/He is a full body conversion using a Proxy frame, sporting the latest sexual body frames, and S/He doesn’t mind swapping bodies to play the boy or the girl role. Fully addicted to cyberware, and obviously, sex, Cee Cee is generally in high demand, although most people don’t know that it’s a cyborg, and a transsexual one at that. S/He is very capable and always willing to “have a good time” for the right price.

Cee Cee

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