Todd Tolhurst

Aerojock / Tech


He is the owner and operator of Recovery & Repair, LLC.

Birth to present:

Early childhood.

The Tolhurst children , all four of them, grew up in the Eden Barrows neighborhood of Frontier Our days were filled with a hyper accelerated education plan administered by our mother, a professor at Frontier University. The programs were tailored to each child’s interests. As a result, High school was completed by the time we turned 13, and we had earned bachelor’s degrees by the age of 17.

Our education was supplemented by various activities orchestrated by Dad’s connections and financial resources. We had fun, and luxuries, but they all tied into our education and advancement for the future.


My 2 brothers and I joined the Australian Boy Scouts (following our fathers footsteps). Our older sister Adele, never got along with us, probably due to one-too-many pranks. Dale Tolhurst took naturally to weapons, and spent a lot of time with Dad testing weapons from the lab at Paragon Arms.

I also spent time there -really enjoying learning how to build and design things. I started taking things apart at a very young age. After I started racing, vehicle tech took most of my interest, with weapons tech a close second. It was fun getting to work with Dad.

Paul however fell in love with cybernetics and improving human ability through enhancement. We each owe our diverse knowledge and experience to the scouts and our parents. We all love helping others, the outdoors, survival, camping, and technology. We all still do our part as Rover Scouts and enjoy helping with the junior scouts. It’s nice to be role models to the next generation.

I started racing at a very early age, around 5. I joined the scouts at 6, and continued racing. My mother noticed my technical interests and steered my education along a technical path. At 14 I tested and received my first pilot license (vector thrust); followed by a second at 15 (gyro) and a third at 16 (aero). The instructors said a had a natural ability, borderline savant.

When China submitted the Declaration of War in 2043 Dale joined the Navy at age 16.5 immediately after completing his bachelor’s degree.

That was the agreement with Mom. He wanted to join, he had to have his bachelor’s done, so he could go officer.

I followed the next year in 2044 when I was 16.5 under the same agreement Our educations, scout histories, and family connections easily pushed Dale and I to Officer schools.

Dale went to Special Ops, and I went to pilot training. Paul didn’t follow us because well he was Momma’s little boy, but instead went to Kybernesis Cybernetics. He has designed a few things for me.

One of my last field trips with the scouts before I left for basic training was to Maas Biolabs and I met Lin-Sa Feng and became friends.

After basic training I was awarded the rank of Midshipman (O-1). Then sent off to officer training and pilot technical school. I spent my free time racing and fixing things. I made a friend with the Machineheads which is a chromer gang.

(2046) While I was 18 I went to OCS and pilot training. Which I received the rank of Acting Second Lieutenant (O-2) upon completion of my training program and receiving my qualification and licensing in Vector thrust, gyro, and aero. With a heavy focus on the Vector Thrust. The Navy then decided to send me to the Frontier with an air wing. In support of the troops during the Battle of Brisbane. When I wasn’t engaged with flight operations, both combat and asset relocation. I found myself tinkering and making extra money on the side and doing underground racing.

In 2048, I was then sent to provide air support to the troops and help move equipment and supplies for the Battle of Sydney. I got shot down during one of the Sydney missions and found myself trapped deep in the shit. I ended up rigging the mechanized units as artillery pieces. That involvement gained me a field promotion to Sub-Lieutenant (O-3). While I was in Sydney on patrol, I saved a woman by the name Susan Yee. From a horrible race crime that quickly was turning from a beating to rape from a group of militia and soldiers. I was aided by my older brother Dale who witnessed the situation and had me go check it out with him covering as my overwatch. All those that survived the encounter would later be prosecuted for their crimes. Susan and I became friends and she helped me with my hand to hand combat making me more effective. Sadly she was relocated to Orient because of her ethnicity. There she joined up with the Ronin.

Through 2049 and 2050, when I wasn’t on rotation of the Demilitarized Zone, as air support, and asset relocation. I also spent a lot of time at Camp Waverly, with after action reports and inquiries about my involvement with the Battle of Sydney. They also had me doing test piloting due to my extreme diversity with vehicle operations.

Afterwards they awarded me a meritorious promotion to the rank of Lieutenant (O-4) which gave me the rank needed for the security clearance to become a test pilot. Near the end of 2050, during some much needed R&R, I got back into the race scene and won a race. It was a good year.

Now in my 23rd year, the Navy has placed me in reserve status where I’m active 1 week on 2 weeks off. During my off time I find myself working odd jobs as a for hire pilot- from the contractors trying to get new military aircraft contracts, to a private pilot to different people willing to pay for someone with my experience and skill level.

I still work with the scouts, trying to be a good role model for the next generation. While at other times I enjoy just getting to fix different vehicles- especially race quads (vector thrust drones) I have a love for them! Going to rocker clubs helps pass the time and unwind after flights and races. You know for living in a war torn county I have a pretty fun life.





Todd Tolhurst

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