4 Aces


Critical Data

Type: Party Gang
Size: Medium
Resources: Moderate
Influence: Scattered territories and clubhouses
Tag: jacket bearing 4 Aces from a deck of cards.
Colors: An ace tattoo. As members advance in the Gang additional aces are added as an indicator of rank. Highest ranking members bear all four aces. The leaders of the Gangs bear all four aces and a Joker. These vary in style and design, but generally are similar in this basic detail.


The 4 Aces is a party gang whose primary purpose for existence is to “have a great time.” They are generally a disruptive gang, looting, robbery, mugging, theft and rape are among their favorite past times. The Gang is sometimes known to acquire drugs and either use them or sell them for money to fund their party-lifestyle.

Members of the Gang are regulars at underground Raves, Blood sports or other illegal party venues. members tend to travel in packs, as a means of providing mutual security. Most members possess minimal cyberware, although there are a few exceptions.

The various clubhouses are known among gang members as Frats, and are usually given code names relating to their relative location or to the name of their immediate leader. Their frats are scattered around the city and generally the gangs only seek to control the areas immediately surrounding their club houses.

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4 Aces

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