Biaxo Airpod


Biaxo Airpods are the the secure short-range team radio of choice for all serious operators. The units utilize a proprietary encryption base to set all shared radio units to the same frequency. In fact, each earpiece can be assigned to one of three encryption codes, allowing a radio to be excluded from some channels or to have access to all used channels. This allows multiple teams to use the same units, but avoid cross-talk with the other team, while simultaneously allowing a central team leader to monitor and direct both teams if desired.

The encryption base can generate up to three encryption cycles and hold them in memory at a single time. To regenerate any desired encryption key, just delete the prior encryption key and a new one will be randomly generated and ready for use.

The base can program up to 30-headsets, allowing for large team operations, consisting of three 10-man fire teams, each with their own encryption key if desired.

The headsets offer a number of benefits as well. They are powered by a replaceable miniaturized Helios battery offering up to two weeks of constant use. Using the Encryption base, any number of earpieces can be granted cut-off rights, allowing a biometric voice code to be used to disable the users radio unit, or to remotely remove a captured radio from the network. Once removed in this fashion, the now locked unit can only be reclaimed for operations by taking it to the encryption base.

Additionally, the earpiece has a small profile, and an integrated power button, allowing the unit to be easily turned on and off to conserve battery power. The power switch is biometric and uses the fingerprint of the authorized user or users to function. The ability to use the push button in this fashion can be disabled to allow for any operator recovering the unit to use it, should it be desired.

The unit can be linked to any WiFi-capable device for data transfer, although, only voice and audio data can be read by the earpiece directly. Using this feature allows the transmission of video, static images, sound and digitized data, to any other user or users on the encryption link. All data is encrypted upon upload, and can only be decrypted by a radio unit on the same encryption key as it downloads to an linked wireless device.

All Units are built to exacting MilSpec Standards and have been tested by operators worldwide, in a variety of environmental conditions.

Unit Specifications

Operational Range 1-km rural, 500-m urban
Battery Life 336 hours continual use
Encryption 300 GB 3-phase encryption key
Network Capacity 30 Units Max
Wireless Capable Yes
VIGOR Capable Data Transmit Only
Ring Interface Capable Security Verify Only
Biometric Security Yes
Voice Pattern Lock Yes
Climate Tolerances -50˚F to +250˚F
Water Resistance 400-m
Crush Tolerance 2,500 N
Acid Resistance Yes
EMP Shielded Yes, 6-second reboot
Microwave Shielded Yes, 6-second reboot
Electricity Shielded Yes, 250,000-v, 600-mA


Encryption Base 2,000 CR
Earpiece Units (each) 100 CR
Replacement Battery (each) 25 CR

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Biaxo Airpod

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