But for the Grace of God, Go I


A Night Interrupted

On Friday, August 26, 2050 should have been the day that the Frontier Maulers took their third pennant, and the entire city was alive with the prospect of celebration and victory. The majority of the group were celebrating in their own way, watching the play-offs at Jerry’s Bar in Mumbly. As The maulers and the Brawlers battled it out on the screen for all to see, the bar was serving record numbers of drinks in a very packed bar.

As the game rose towards the final minutes, a single Street Preacher entered the bar and began to move among the revelers to collect Tithes. This is generally a voluntary act, but it seems that every person slots their ring into the Konect Tithe Transfer Device obediently.

As he made his way through the bar, the group noticed that he was heavily augmented and had a tattoo of the word TODD on the side of his face. This marking clearly identified him as Street Preacher Todd and a member of the Church of New Transfiguration the more fervent sect of the Apostlecorp church.

When the street preacher reached the table occupied by FyFy, Kitty, Bunyip, Gimmy, Rusty, and Coop; began to request tithes of the table. Gimmy dutifully contributed, but the others at the table began to refuse, not noticing that the Street Preacher was growing more and more irritated.

As the last remaining person at the table declined to tithe, the preacher suddenly began to shake with anger and shouted at the top of his voice, “Brothers, come forth for we have a disbeliever among us! They must be purified!”

With this outcry, a pair of Avenging Angel Full body Conversions entered the bar and made their way towards the street preacher, who had drawn his AY-69 Striker Micromissile Pistol. Immediately combat began, drawing the group into one of their toughest fights to date.

Using their advanced combat capabilities, the Angels quickly proved to be as dangerous as their reputation. Only Gimmy, who had tithed was left unharmed. Using this unique position, Gimmy managed to get Kitty and Bunyip out of the bar alive, although injured. Rusty managed to escape as well, although not without injury. Coop was knocked out of the fight, dropped into critical condition.

As people spilled out into the street, traffic was disrupted which drew the attention of the police. As the battle began to spiral out of control, the group seemed to be facing their end. Gimmy, Bunyip, Rusty and Kitty had managed to escape. Coop collapsed from his injuries and Fyfy, managed to barely get free of the fight.

He did so just in time for the grand finale of the fight.

First Responders

It seems that at the very moment that the sounds of the sirens reached the Street Preacher, he ordered the Angels to martyr themselves. The resultant explosion wrecked the bar, killing a handful of those who had failed to escape. However, as a result of the team to keep the Angels and the Street Preacher busy, the number of collateral injuries were minimized.

The members of the team, with the exception of Coop, managed to withdraw heading back towards the Storage facility the group shared. En route, Kitty managed to make contact with Bill, notifying him of the situation, specifically that Coop had been rushed to Frontier Central Hospital, where he remained in intensive care.

As the group headed to meet up with him at the medical bay, Bill called his contact with Monarch and used another favor to have Coop picked up and released to his care. He had managed to collect him and transport him back to the facility before the others arrived. As the other members were stable, Bill immediately began surgery on Coop to bring him back to full health. He did so knowing that the police department medical program would never have restored Coop back to a complete health. Fearing that they would only do enough to keep him alive and that they may take unwanted steps to install cyberware when it wasn’t needed, Bill instead, spent hours repairing the injury and using speed healers and other expensive drugs to restore him to perfect health.

Finishing with Coop, Bill moved on to Bunyip, who was also seriously injured, before repeating the process on FyFy. Overall, the combined surguries took nearly 24 hours, pushing Bill’s skill and stamina to their limits. The minor injuries that Rusty and Kitty suffered were the last to be treated, but were mush quicker and easier to repair. Afterwards, Bill, exhausted rested, while the others went about their business.

Noone Expects the Inquisition

The following day, Saturday, Todd while leaving his business received a visitor. Arriving there in a Bentley Diplomat bearing an Apostlecorp flag, Cyberinquisitor Cornelius Max introduced himself to Todd and asked for a few minutes of his time.

Agreeing, Todd spoke with the Inquisitor and discovered that there had been an incident at Jerry’s, a fact that he had been unaware of until that moment. The Inquisitor explained that they had access to the recordings from the event and had also been able to connect Todd to the others through the Von Cyborg Incident. Todd confirmed only a little bit of the information, choosing to play it safe, since he did not have the entire story and was not certain what sort of situation had developed in his absence.

After the meeting ended, Todd sent a message to Coop, since it was already apparent that Apostle Corp already knew that Coop was involved. The message was a simple warning.

A Little Later, Coop returned to the FPD where he received an ovation from the remaining members of the Special Operations Team. It seems that now that he had dealt with a pair of cyberpsycho FBCs and survived it, that he had completed some sort of initiation and was now considered a full-fledged member of the Unit.

Coop was advised that Internal Affairs wanted to speak with him concerning the event that had happened at the bar, but that there shouldn’t be any real concerns but that it was more of a formality.

Thank you for your Cooperation

Coop went upstairs to meet with the two detectives in Internal Affairs and was met also with his first encounter with Cyberinquisitor Cornelius Max. Much like the conversation with Todd, Max had a few questions concerning the events of the previous evening, and asked for some assistance in identifying and locating members of the team. Coop pretended to be unable to give much information on the other members of the team. Realizing that the Inquisitor was receiving some assistance from the police department with his investigation, he was unable to play completely ignorant, but he did limit the information that he provided to the information that was available in the police records.

Coop was praised for his role and told that the upper management was watching his progress and career with interest. This could either be taken as a offer of reward for assistance or as a subtle warning. Interestingly enough, Coop did learn from Max that the Street preacher had recently received unsanctioned cybernetic components, which they believe were contaminated, perhaps some virus that infected his wetware. It is believed that he somehow spread this virus to the 2 Avenging Angels that were assigned to him as well.

This explained the unorthodox actions related to the forced tithing as well as the responses to the denials to tithe. The inquisitor was working to establish the details of the events, and as such was hoping to conduct a little bit of damage control on the situation as well.

After the meeting, Coop turned off his personal phone and used one of his burner phones to send messages to the remainder of the team. This was confirmation that the corporation was actively looking for them, beyond a basic inquiry.

Recon and Preparation

A few hours later, Gimmy received a call from the same Cyberinquisitor. It was obvious that the contact information was acquired as a result of the tithe that Gimmy had made the day prior. Max arranged a meeting with Gimmy, although Gimmy chose the location and time. In this instance, Gimmy decided to make the meeting place Hammys. It was a part of town that had no real police influence, thus no chance that the corporation could employ the police there. Also, the territory was one of the larger places used by the Bastard Brigade, providing a sort of independent security force.

Gimmy and Kitty decided to meet the inquisitor together. The two arrived several hours early to allow them to perform an in-depth scouting of the surrounding area. Interestingly enough, during the time that they were on site, Kitty overheard a top-level meeting taking place between the officers of the Bastard Brigade. This allowed her to find an in with the group, by arranging to supply them with potable water as well as medicines in short supply. Because of her willingness to assist the Brigade, she secured a contact in the form of their logistic officer Major Richardson.

Arrangements were also made for Fyfy, Rusty and Bunyip to provide overwatch for the meeting a few blocks away. Todd also took up a nearby position in the event that a quick escape was needed. To accomplish this he parked a couple of blocks away and waited to see if he was needed.

An Interesting Aside

Before taking up their position as Overwatch, Rusty, still looking for his brother, Kelvin McIntosh, who disappeared during the Perimeter Park riot. Unable to locate any trace of him, Rusty began looking into his Social media and public feeds in an attempt to recreate his travel patterns and perhaps gain some clues to his whereabouts.

This led Rusty to a postal box rental shop where a package had been delivered to his brother the day after his disappearance. Finding this to be a curious turn of events, Rusty, Fyfy and Bunyip traveled to the shop where they were able to hack the bio-metric lock system to retrieve a package. Once the package was opened they determined that the contents were an unusual wetware chip, octagonal in shape. After it was researched, it was discovered that this was most likely a Consciousness Transference Chip, used in recording and transferal of complete memory and personality. A vital clue was also found, in that the name on the account was that of Judas Iscariot, a potential connection to the apostle that betrayed Christ, but also a potential enemy of Apostlecorp. Perhaps even an inside betrayer. This could be a link to confirm the issue mentioned by the Cyberinquisitor.

The Meeting

In place, the group were only awaiting the arrival of the Cyberinquisitor. As expected he arrived with a driver exactly on time. He then met with Kitty and Gimmy, where he got the basics of the prior evenings events. This lead to a somewhat tense discussion concerning keeping quiet and being monetarily compensated for doing so.

The discussion ended with a somewhat tense agreement to consider compensation in return for silence, but it was not a well received suggestion. The meeting broke up a short while later with little resolution.

Reviewing Facts

The group reconvened at the storage facility where they began discussing theories and talking about the chip that had been recovered from the postal box facility. The theory that somehow the hacked police robots that prompted the riots, Rusty’s brother’s disappearance, and the possible connection to a hacked street preacher and his avenging angels. There was additional conjecture that somehow the CTC was also involved in some way.

Before the group could consider all the possibilities, there was an incident. An EMP burst shut down the teams ability to watch their perimeter. This prompted Gimmy and Fyfy to head to the roof to prepare for a potential attack.

Upon reaching the roof, the pair witnessed the arrival of a group of Avenging Angels. It appeared that the church was done asking nicely. As the Angels advanced, Coop made a call to the Cyberinquisitor and made an attempt to stop the pending attack. After a curt warning, The attack was called off, but an implied threat was made, when an Angel handed both Gimmy and Fyfy a bullet and told them that they had been spared for the time being. It seemed that their silence on the matter was now required.

A Word of Advice

Realizing that they needed information and a little guidance, Gimmy and Bunyip made their way to the Church of New Transfiguration in East Township, where they had a meeting with Street Preacher Fredericks.

They described the situation with the Corporate church and provided the details of the events that had taken place earlier at Jerry’s Bar in Mumbly.

After hearing all this information, Fredericks advised them to be wary of how they dealt with Cyberinquisitor Max, as he was known to be ruthless if he felt he was being threatened. They also learned that the Avenging Angels receive their instructions directly from the Holy Mainframe. the pair were also warned about Skellig Donaar, an inquisitor assigned to Frontier as a strong-arm man against heretical teaching.

Armed with this new information, the pair returned to the facility at Go Store It, to share their information with the others.

A Little Bit of Old-Fashioned Investigation

Meanwhile, Coop had driven to his home to recover the core from the damaged Police Robot that had been damaged near the docks during an earlier riot. He quickly pulled the data core and headed for the police station.

Upon his arrival he met with “Pants-less” and asked him to run a check on the bio-metric data that had been associated with the mail box facility recovered by Bunyip, Fyfy and Rusty. This is the same bio-metric data that was listed at that site as “Judas Iscariot”.

The officer returned a short while later with a micro-disc containing the information requested from the records search. coop took this micro-disc with him back to the facility to share his findings with the team.


While the team were working to resolve their own problems with the rapidly deteriorating situation surrounding Apostlecorp, a mysterious Ransom-ware attack dubbed Windmill was beginning to wreck its way through the city’s legal infrastructure.

Suddenly in the middle of an already dangerous situation, the Police were being forced to release people from jail, as they could not be held without charges. It seemed that the Ransom-ware was systematically erasing or obfuscating criminal records and preventing additional records from being created.

This would lead to the declaration of martial law in the city, and the eventual assumption of policing duties by Futuretech using an army of 50,000 Proxies.

The Not-So-Big Reveal

As events unfolded in the city, the team reassembled to reveal what they had discovered. After Bunyip provided the advise that Fredericks had given, he took the micro-disc from Coop and opened it. Not surprisingly the bio-metric data belonged to none other than Skellig Donaar. For the first time, there was a direct link between Apostlecorp and the disappearance of Kelvin McIntosh.

still watching a live feed of on the Windmill Ransom-ware, Kitty hit upon the idea of polling the audience around any additional robot, proxy or computer failures. She was beginning to think that the incidents of Police Robot attacks, the Street preacher’s abnormal behavior and other issues may be related. Asking the data feed for additional information and stories, she acquired some useful data, almost certainly pointing towards a common cause.

The Demand

While the team was planning their next move, Kitty received a phone call from none other than Skellig. He demanded that the “device” that had been recovered from the mail center be brought out to him immediately. He offered to trade rusty’s brother Kelvin for the chip.

Bill had placed the Chip in a safe which had been moved to the Turan Mirage behind the facility. Now faced with a possibility of losing Rusty’s brother the group decided to work towards saving Kelvin.

Once off the phone with Skellig, Kitty immediately turned around and contacted Cyberinquisitor Cornelius Max. She explained what was happening and provided proof that the Street Preacher was brain hacked. This convinced the inquisitor to send a dispatch for Avenging Angels to the scene. The team only had to hold out for 7 minutes, to await their arrival.

The team decided to place the chip in a special static bag, which was given to Rusty for safe-keeping. Additionally bill gave Rusty a nanosolution that would destroy the chip if used on it. In the case, Bill rigged a flash-bang grenade to detonate when the inner case was opened.


Fyfy and Todd headed to the roof to provide overwatch support for the team headed towards the exchange. Rusty, Kitty and Gimmy would be making the exchange. Coop, Will and Bunyip would be positioned in Bill’s Lenko Dominator to race to support the exchange team or for evacuation if needed.

As the team prepared for the exchange to take place, additional Apostlecorp troops arrived. Two Crucible APCs each carrying 15 assault troopers wearing Hectate body armor arrived, and their troops deployed adjacent to the vehicle holding Kelvin.

Being forced to move earlier than desired, the exchange team went to make the exchange. It was here that everything went sideways. As the team approached the hand-off point, a pair of Archangel AV Assaults each carrying 12 assault troopers wearing Hectate body armor arrived on site as well.

Forced into a difficult spot, the team decided that their best course of action was to employ delaying tactics. To this end, they attempted to draw out the exchange as much as possible.

Although they had a solid plan of action, they were forced to deal with the situation earlier than they desired. When Skellig threatened to have Kelvin killed, Rusty turned over the case. After some fumbling with the bio-metric lock, rusty finally got the case open and the inner case was removed. When the soldier ordered to open the inner case did so, the flash-bang grenade detonated, giving the team an opportunity to head for cover.

During the ensuing gunfight, Skellig shot Kelvin in the head, killing him. Fyfy and Todd attempted to neutralize him, but he activated an Optical Camouflage system, making long-distance targeting impossible.

As everything popped off, the troops began to advance, and with the support of the Crucible APCs, the team was forced to rapidly withdraw. At around this same time, the team lost their over-watch as the Archangels began to spray the rooftop with mini-gun fire.

during the retreat from the front of the facility, Rusty was knocked unconscious, but Gimmy carried him out of the line of fire, while Kitty and later Todd covered the team.

Realizing the fight was lost, the team called for a general retreat, and Coop, driving the Dominator, burst through the back perimeter wall surrounding the Go Store It.

As the vehicle sped into an open field it was engaged by one of the Archangels, spraying the resilient vehicle with heavy mini-gun fire. Meanwhile at the facility, now surrounded by assault troops, Fyfy, decided to exit behind the Dominator, driving his Lenko Adze.

As the pair of vehicles raced away from the facility, a massive explosion destroyed the facility in a massive ball of flame, leveling several of the nearby storage structures at the same time. The Dominator caught fire as a result of the mini-gun damage that it sustained, but continued to drive.

To assist Fyfy matched speed with the Dominator to allow Bunyip to make the jump between vehicles. Bunyip missed but managed to avoid harm. Shortly afterwards, Coop stopped the vehicle to escape it. While he managed to get free, a rocket struck the vehicle badly injuring Bill and placing into critical condition. Fyfy was able to pick up Bill, Coop and Bunyip and evaded a repeat attack by the Archangels.

Meanwhile, Gimmy, Todd, Kitty and Rusty were being pushed by the APCs and assault troops deeper into the wrecked facility. Making a sharp turn, they ran towards the wall which they scaled to escape the compound. Rusty and Kitty were fortunate to survive an attempt by the APC driver to run them over, but the vehicle became stuck on a portion of the now partial wall.

The second team took shelter in a wrecked insurance building and watched as the enemy began to surround them. It appeared to be the end for the team trapped there.


It was about this time, that the time quoted to them by Max reached zero. As if on cue, a series of sonic booms reverberated through the area as a group of four Avenging Angels arrived on site, dropped from an orbital platform, high above the city.

These impacts slammed into the Archangels, destroying them in midair. The other pair slammed into the APCs, wrecking them on impact. The resultant Angels then engaged the other Apostlecorp forces at the site, ripping through them.

Skellig, seeing he had been thwarted, decided to escape empty-handed. in the ensuing confusion the team decided that they should also retreat.

Safe Places

Bunyip lead FyFy, Coop, and the badly injured Bill to a safe-house run by Nona Ritter. There, the team was provided food shelter and medical attention. Thanks to Coops ability to perform first aid, Bill survived the journey and was able to acquire additional medical care.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, Gimmy led Todd, Rusty and Kitty to a Great Khans’ safe-house operated by Vulkana. There the team was provided everything they needed to recover.

Checking in

The following morning the team was split from the general retreat the night prior. As each roused for the day, they made contact with their respective hosts to assess the situation and were offered resources to aid them on their way.

At around 8:00 A.M.. Kitty reached out to the other half of the team, FyFy, Bunyip, Bill and Coop to check on their status. She learned the seriousness of Bill’s condition, which meant he was out of action for a couple of days.

Kitty had asked Bunyip to see if Coop could get a hold of an pristine Inmara Control Module from one of the patched Police robots, so that it could be compared line-by line with the corrupted core they already possessed from the first riot.

Bunyip arranged for bill’s ongoing medical care, and asked Coop to acquire an additional core as Kitty requested. In response, Coop requested that Bunyip locate video of any of the Police Robots that may have been destroyed during the latest round of riots.

Data Mining

In order to try to get a better handle on the situation, Kitty began to make additional inquiries. Her first call was to Cyberinquisitor Cornelius Max concerning Skellig Donaar. kitty discovered that Max had been chastised for intervening in the Skellig operation the night prior. The Elders of the church had not been convinced that the “Brain Hack” of Street Preacher Todd as sufficient evidence that Skellig was acting outside his authority. Max warned Kitty that Skellig was still operational and most likely planning his next encounter with the team soon. Max also pointed out that he noted that one of the assailants in the video Kitty had sent was a Proxy. He suggested that Kitty go to Androids and she would see the same evidence he had noticed.

Kitty wanted additional information concerning the connective link binding all the seemingly disconnected robot failures she was spotting. To follow up on that she contacted a netrunner friend that she knew, Parallel Life. Parallel, turned Kitty on to a net myth concerning the Hackability of the supposedly unhackable Inmara Control Module found in an alarmingly large number of devices.

She told Kitty the story of an unnamed Indian White hat who had discovered the exploitable flaw in the Inmara Control Modules, and when he approached Inmara with the information and an offer to assist with the issue, they killed his family in an attempt to kill him. The White hat security man assumed the identity of the hacker Bleakstar, who then wrote and developed the Black Hat Protocol, a step-by-step explanation of how to hijack and sabotage the Inmara systems. While Parallel indicated that Inmara was actively scrubbing the Hypernet for the document and actively killing those who possessed it, she also indicated that it may be possible to acquire a copy via the Darknet Markets, although she advised caution.

Kitty also learned that the strange chip they had wasn’t just a CTC, but it was a prototype Quantum processor chip developed by the Foresight Institute as an alternative to Inmara devices. Supposedly the chip could reprogram the Inmara systems to operate on the new Interface on it’s own. This could rapidly increase Consciousness Transfer to take place in minutes rather than hours.

Gearing Up

Gimmy and Rusty were give access to the packs armory, which was used to acquire additional ammo for their weapons. They were also given permission to use the Great Khans’ War Wagon, which made their actions official pack vengeance.

Despite Todd’s desire to not use the gasoline powered vehicle, in favor of something more modern, Gimmy insisted and the War Wagon was decided upon.

The Core of the Problem

Coop and FyFy learned that three of the police robots had been destroyed by a street gang called the Moa, run by Black Dahlia. As a result, they traveled to Liberty Docks, where they met with Big Boss, leader of the United Dockworkers Nomad Pack.

Coop was referred to a one-time member of the pack, Trevor Stattum, a pusher with strong ties to the Moa. Trevor conducted his business at a converted post office building.

Once inside, FyFy and Coop managed to secure a meeting with Trevor. They were able to arrange to buy two of the cores from the destroyed Robots, although they were a bit pricey. with Cores in-hand, they pair returned to pick up Bunyip and then headed to Hammys to meet the rest of the team.

A Trip to Androids

Kitty, Gimmy and Todd headed to Androids to look at some of the Proxies as suggested by Max to Kitty in their earlier conversation. This lead to Kitty confirming the suspicion that one of the people responsible for the brain hack on the Street preacher was, in fact, a Proxy. After this confirmation, Kitty and her team headed to Hammys to meet with the others.

Data Dissemination

The Team assembled outside a closed Hammys, most likely closed as a result of the difficulties faced by the city. The Bastard Brigade had moved into a high alert status, expecting an attack by police, military or corporate forces at any time.

With so little activity, it was a simple matter for the team to trade the information they had acquired and set about planning for the resolution to their problem.

The Plan

After discussing the information that the two teams had collected, it was decided to follow up on the only two leads that they possessed. One of those was the Black Hat protocol and the code comparison, while the other was to follow up on the location in the Bailey, where Rusty’s brother Kelvin headed into causing his eventual disappearance and capture by Skellig Donaar.

The Dark Net

To start with, Bunyip along with Kitty would remain at Hammys while Bunyip performed a code comparison on the two Inmara Control Modules they had acquired. One was pre-patch, and the second was post-patch. After digging through nearly 10-million lines of code, Bunyip could only locate one change to the code, which was presumably the patch that had been announced to the public.

However, upon review, it was determined that all the patch accomplished was to disable the functionality of an optical diagnostic port located on the Control Module. As that port was only a read port in the first place, it meant that the patch was ineffectual and would have no affect on preventing the hijacking of the control module.

Armed with this information, Bunyip had no choice but to dive into the Dark Net in an attempt to acquire the fabled Black hat protocol. With Kitty agreeing to watch his mortal body, while he handled the dive, Bunyip dropped into the net and maneuvered himself into the darkest recesses of the Dark net until he was able to locate the Darknet Market, Utopia.

There he maneuvered through the file tree until he located the information brokerage dedicated to Inmara. Entering the market brokerage, he was surprised to find himself in a near perfect realization of the Inmara Corporate Lobby. There were Brokerbots interacting with virtual icons, as well as a “commodities” ticker board.

Bunyip took a look around and spotted an icon resembling the Hindu Monkey God Haruman. After a display of ability, and a difficult haggling session, Bunyip was able to finally acquire the Black Hat Protocol. It was probably helpful that another hacker Blackheart was also pushing Haruman to provide a service.

Once the Protocol was retrieved, Bunyip was able to look at the code for the Protocol and determine how it worked. It was determined that the protocl worked by hijacking the signals that transpired between the Inmara Control Modules, editing it and sending the newly reformatted message back to the device it was intended for. this allowed the hacker to bypass the security in the Control module hardware, by iintercepting the signal outside the controlled system.

Now that the method was understood, it became very apparent why this was such a dangerous issue. Fundamentally, this could allow relative easy control of a given Hypercube Network. It would also be very scalable.

The Drug House

Thinking back to the fact that Skellig Donaar had possession of Kelvin McIntosh, who had disappeared after the attack on a supposed Drug House in the Bailey, the team wondered if there were any clues at the site that might aid them in unraveling the larger picture that was unfolding around them. With a solid connection to the CTC chip connecting both Skellig and Kelvin, and the drug house now as well, there were worse ideas than checking out the site.

The team arrived, parking in front of the building, which appeared to be abandoned. At the time, Rusty, FyFy, Coop, and Gimmy entered the building. Todd stayed with the War Wagon. The team noted a group of Devil’s Henchmen across the street, where the group maintained a small club house.

Once in the building, Gimmy moved up to the second floor to act as over-watch. Arriving there, he checked lines-of-fire verifying site-lines and taking note of the building’s immediate surroundings. he then moved to a blown out window in the front of the building where he took up an over-watch position guarding Todd and the van out front.

Rusty began to search through the front of the building, where he located a desk containing a few interesting items. Most notably a Security Bracelet and a smart paper RFID business card. When the bracelet and the card were brought into proximity to the utility room of the building the card displayed a security access code to the panel located in the utility room (cleverly disguised as a smart thermostat). It was later discovered that entering this code, which changed each time, into the panel would activate the utility room elevator into the lower level clean room.

FyFy had searched the rear area of the first floor, identifying the utility room as odd. At that time, the team did not realize that the room was an elevator, but it would eventually be revealed.

Coop had identified something odd about the center shaft that appeared to be an enclosed fire place and chimney, but it was not scan-able. This led him to surmise that it was an elevator, although later it would be determined that it was the location of the elevator’s mechanical systems.

While waiting outside, a member of the henchmen approached Todd and demanded CR 2,000 from him. Todd refused and as things prepared to spiral out of control and into a firefight, the team realized that there was a Henchman’s club house directly across the street, although they did not know how many of the gang was present. FyFy managed to defuse the situation, by paying the henchman CR 5,000 and letting him take a punch at FyFy, to make a good show for his gang members.The hit, destroyed FyFy’s hectate helmet, but at only a loss of pride, FyFy’s quick thinking managed to defuse the situation. Todd was sent inside and no further issues with the Henchmen occurred.

It was around this time that Todd and coop had been drawn to the oddity that was the utility room. as they were inside investigating it, Rusty discovered at this time that the security bracelet he found activated a smart paper business card revealing the access code to be entered on the faux thermostat in the utility room.

After a couple of attempts, Coop managed to get the code entered before it expired and the pair , Coop and Todd) found themselves trapped in an elevator descending down a shaft into an unknown area.

The Clean Room

As the Elevator activated, the access door to the Utility room sealed with a magnetic lock, and Gimmy attempted to open it with conventional 40-mm grenades, in an attempt to reach the pair. The effort was in vain, and the duo arrived on the lower floor where a sliding door granted them access to a clean room.

The room was in the process of being packed or unpacked, and a pair of Proxy security models immediately engaged the pair. Firing chest based rocket packs and high-powered lasers at the pair, resulted in a destroyed access panel, as well as each of the two being burned through the torso by a high-powered laser.

Coop managed to destroy one of the Proxies with his weapon, but the pair were unable to deal with the other one conventionally, because of a countermeasure that had activated making the situation exceptionally dire.

A safety protocol known as the “Inferno Protocol had been activated in the clean room after Gimmy detonated three ”/wikis/etr" class=“wiki-page-link”> ETR at the utility room door, which interrupted the clean room’s computer system. The protocol caused Aerated CHOO2 to be deployed into the room. Unable to use lasers or firearms, the remaining proxy went into hand-to-hand mode injuring Todd.

Realizing that the aeration would be followed by an ignition sequence, the pair retreated to the elevator car, where they quickly rewired the elevator to take them to the upper floor. They narrowly avoided the ignition sequence in the room below, which destroyed any evidence of the facility’s product, and destroyed the two Proxies on site.

Medical Recovery

The team that had checked out the house, left after the detonation in the basement clean room. They returned back to the Great Khans nomad pack, but it became apparent that the med-tech on the site did not have the skill to properly treat the laser injuries suffered by Coop and Todd. She recommended a visit to the hospital to stay in a Nutrient Tank. They made contact with Kitty, who along with Bunyip had returned to Nona Ritter’s, where Bill was now much more recovered.

Bill, although unable to perform the medical procedure, enlisted Bunyip and Kitty to put together the materials needed to handle the injuries when the injured arrived.

Kitty, under Bill’s guidance mixed the Nutrients that would be needed to feed the nanites once applied. The mixture consisted of simple syrups, saline, crushed multi-vitamins, electrolytes and carbohydrate powder. Bunyip in the meantime, prepared the seals, and the nanite solution ready for deployment. Once they arrived, Bill and Bunyip went to work applying the makeshift nanite patches to their wounded teammates.

The Pen is Mightier…

As the group reconvened, they fell into the discussion of the object found at the false drug house that they had raided prior. This in turn led to Rusty inspecting the security bracelet and smart card, but finding little tangible evidence that would generate a new lead.

In a more productive effort, Coop managed to break apart one of the pens that Rusty had recovered from the site, and was able to identify them as trackers. Additionally, he was able to identify the signature of the tracker’s manufacturer as the notorious hacker, Dread Core AKA Gislaine Zachiel. This placed the supposed drug house into a direct, although long-term contact with the political group the Union of Human Rights.

As a staunch anti-robot political group, the UHR had plenty of motive to cause chaos by interfering with the Inmara Corporation as well as Futuretech and the Police robots used by the Frontier Police department. A little digging revealed that the original Electrical company, whose logo was found on the pen had been destroyed years ago in a bombing, and that the site was currently occupied by LEV8 Conciousness a Political Action Service.

A brief trip to the LEV8 site led Fyfy and Gimmy to an accounting firm that provided Amit Ganaka as the head of the UHR, and a staunch anti-robot politician. this was a second link to the group found.

Bars Do Not A Prison Make…

With Coop’s assistance, Kitty, Bunyip and Coop made their way to the Bailey Maximum Security Prison, where they arranged to meet with two prior UHR terrorists named Gislaine Zachiel and Anin Kiko.

The three met with Gislaine first and received some information concerning the origin of the Black Hat Protocol, the Windmill/ Smokescreen Software and the likely plans in place by Amit Ganaka. In return for possible assistance in being released, Gislain provided Kitty with a pass-phrase of _ “The phoenix’s ashes fall from the sunniest of skies.” _ This phrase was guaranteed to get the group a meeting with Amit.

After Gislaine was sent back to her cell the trio met with Anin, who was very helpful, confirming the plan to produce corrupted Imara modules, providing a timeline and demonstrating his skill as an escape artist at the same time. His only request was that the Japanese Embassy be advised of his whereabouts.

Show Me the Money!

Realizing that they had the opportunity for a payday, Kitty reached out to her sister Melody for assistance in locating a suitable contact with Foresight Institute who was likely to be able to assist with a reward for locating the returned quantum chip that they had located.

Melody identified, Charles Hollister as the best candidate to approach, and Kitty was able to arrange an exchange of the chip for CR 800,000 and a Petabyte Compiler, which could be used to restore Miss Aver’s memory issues.

Acquiring Proof

With the evidence that UHR involvement being the best explanation for the events of recent days, and indirectly responsible for the issues that the team faced, Kitty and the Others decided to visit the UHR headquarters in Northside.

Arriving on site, Kitty used the pass-phrase provided by Gislaine and the team was immediately show in to see Amit Ganaka. It seemed that the pass-phrase was designed to initiate the rescue of the two imprisoned individuals in the bailey, but it also provided the team with all the proof they needed. With Gimmy and Kitty recording the conversation the evidence was indisputable.

Additionally, the team was provided the laptop that contained the original smokescreen and the modified Windmill software that the team needed to confirm that the UHR was responsible for the chaos in the city. It also contained a virus specifically designed to be placed within the Holy Mainframe which would collect all the MAC addresses for the entire Avenging Angel contingent in the city, adding them to the potential Inmara police Robots already accessible to the group.

With them creating chaos, their political anti-robot agenda could not fail.

Contemplating Heresy

Kitty made contact with Cyber Inquisitior Cornelius Max, meeting him along with her allies at the Battleground. There she provided him with the Simsense recording of their conversation with Ganaka, as well as the laptop containing the virus.

Max returned to the Church and was able to convince the elders to sanction Ganaka. As a sign of his gratitude for their assistance, Max paid the team CR 160,000 for their assistance. With Ganaka’s plans ruined, things quickly returned to the norm, especially once the timer on Windmill expired, restoring the Police networks.

But for the Grace of God, Go I

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