Edge Media Network


The Edge Media Network is an underground news and commentary station operated by an unknown entity named Dreamer.

Dreamer uses a series of hijacked network connections through the western Australian city of Frontier to disseminate his messages. Normally these include a series of events pertaining to the underground Edgerunner Culture. They include street level events, billed as news. Contracts, billed as business, and odds-and-ends billed as reports.

While the authorities generally dislike the types of data that Dreamer is distributing, Edgerunners have found his information to be correct and useful, making him a very popular network to listen to.

Because the Authorities are always shutting down his nodes, his transmissions tend to be short and unscheduled. Most edge runners that listen to the messages will often record the channel whenever there is a transmission.

Serious attempts to locate dreamer and shut him down have been underway for nearly five years with no real success. The efforts by the authorities, in fact, have only added to his popularity.


As broadcasts are sent out, they will be archived below, using their date and time index. Check back often for the latest additions.

Edge Media Network

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