Northside is a Northeastern central neighborhood located in the city of Frontier. The Northside is a virtual War Zone. There are three major parties involved in the conflict. The primary belligerents are the Frontier Police Department and the various street gangs fighting for supremacy in the Northside Neighborhood. The third party involved is the innocent inhabitants of the neighborhood caught in the crossfire.

The gangs involved in the immediate area conflict are the Great Whites, Ozonerz, the Scraps, the Mavericks and the Hammerheads. This loose confederation of street gangs are seemingly led by the Volksfront. Although all the gangs all have fundamental different agendas, they seem to be working in a concerted and organized fashion.

While this seems to be nothing more then an attempt to create a lawless zone ripe for exploitation, the coordinated attacks against the police forces in the area have shown a high degree of planning and cooperation, normally not associated with any of these individual groups.

Three locations stand out in the area as of particular interest.

The first is the industrial facility known as Area 11. This area is a water reclamation refinery. It is controlled and operated by the Shiawase Reclamation Consortium. They provide the security for the roughly 300 personnel working the facility.

The second location is Gang Street, a specific street located at the very heart of the neighborhood. This street currently houses the headquarters for the gangs involved in the conflict. While the individual gangs are not normally allies, they have all agree to cease all conflicts between them until the entire Northside and Humphrey neighborhoods are under their complete control. The club houses here on Gang Street act as a sort of embassy for the groups, providing strikingly similar functions as an embassy might if it belonged to a foreign power. The offices also act as a recruiting centers, and in that capacity, they are performing admirably.

The Third location of special interest is the Void Sisters Dream Den. This is an exceptionally popular Simsense replay shop. The shop is known for their high quality tapes, and clientele come from all over to buy, sell and have scripted for their consumption. Another well-known location is the Bunraku Parlor, Syntopia.


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