On Point Security


On Point Security is the incumbent private security and police force operating out of the Point Hotel, located in The Point portion of the Humphrey neighborhood in the city of Frontier. The group is owned and operated by the owners of the Point Hotel, ownership of which is unclear.

They are tasked with the enforcement of law and peace in the area immediately surrounding the hotel, for a six block area in each direction. The group is well equipped, driving armored patrol vehicles, possessing advanced body armor, connectivity equipment and a variety of weapons. The group consists of prior police officers and military personnel specializing in urban tactics and warfare.


The group, by technicality does not actually have the power to arrest or detain criminals, nor do they technically possess any authority to intervene in the prevention of crimes. However, the lack of formal police resources in the area, has made the group reluctantly accepted by the Frontier Police Department. As a result, they possess an effective carte blanche in their operations within their claimed area of responsibility.

The group is known to possess a specialized SWAT team as well as a C-SWAT response team to handle the occasional hostage situation or cyberpsycho events that take place in the area.

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On Point Security

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