Simsense Recorder


A Simsense Recorder is a piece of hardware worn on the head of the operator. It’s primary purpose it to record the neural patterns of the wearer as they engage in activities. These signals allow the later consumer of the finished Simsense programs to completely experience the sense of the original recorder. All perspectives mimic those of the original recorder.

While running the program the viewer experiences the same emotions, sensations and viewpoints of the original recorder.

The recorder can be worn under a hat, a wig, or can even be embedded for a more permanent recording experience. A large number of companies make recorders and some street level technicians make homemade versions as well.

The average cost of a recorder ranges between 100-200 CR. A recorder is also used to “playback” the recorded programs. The data is recorded on specialized chips, which are usually universal and can be used in any players.

Blank simsense chips run about 5 CR each, with custom programming ranging from 10-100 CR depending on the content. Some street chips can run as much as 1,500 CR depending on content and illegality.

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Simsense Recorder

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