The Job


An Offer of Employment

After an eventful week filled with riots, clashes with police, side errands for Miss Aver, setting up an illicit pharmaceuticals lab and conducting interviews for Todd’s business, the group found themselves with little time to relax or unwind.

Only a few short days after the resolution of the issue with Armadyne, they were back in the thick of street life. Kitty received a call from her associate Dorian Byrn, a smuggler dealing in all sorts of high-end art.

He had been approached by one of his buyers, a man named Rei Yasunari- mid-level manager at the Mitsuhama Ironworks in Industry. Rei’s very expensive Bentley Diplomat and his apartment at the Aerie Hills Condominiums had been vandalized and a tablet containing some photos of his now dead daughter had been stolen. Rei had some suspicion that it was orchestrated by someone at his company, since he had been called away to an emergency meeting at the foundry at the time that the break-in occurred.

He wanted the people responsible dealt with and offered a bonus if his tablet was recovered as well. As Dorian did not handle that sort of business, he contacted Kitty to see if she might be interested. Dorian told her that the contact paid well, but was otherwise not someone he considered trustworthy.

Kitty contacted the team to determine interest in the job, and when everyone agreed, she contacted the client to arrange a briefing with the client for later that afternoon.

An Unexpected Errand

Between the time that Kitty received the call from Dorian and the time of the appointment with Rei, the group found themselves caught up in an unexpected bank heist. Each of the members of the team with the exception of Coop and Todd, were directed to the 1st Central Bank of Frontier in The Core, by Miss Aver. It turned out that a secret shipment of depleted uranium/titanium coated pins needed for her research were being delivered to a bank safety deposit box.

To assist the team, they were directed to arrive at only a few moments before an actual bank robbery attempt was to take place, allowing them to take full advantage of the confusion of the situation to acquire the case containing the pins. In addition after the team neutralized the robbers, Coop arrived, at Miss Aver’s instruction and managed to arrest all the bank robbers, while Avers erased the evidence of the teams participation in the situation.

In this way, Coop received a big police collar, and the team acquired the pins for Avers, for which everyone received conpensation.

A Round at Jerry’s

Afterwards, at the appointed time, the team met with Rei at Jerrys Bar, in Mumbly. There Rei explained the situation to the team himself, providing no really new information, with the exception of the pay. He offered the team 3,000 CR each to deal with the perpetrators, and offered 5,000 CR for the return of the stolen tablet, supposedly containing the photos of his now dead daughter.

The team left the meeting to discuss the situation, and plan out their course of action. They met back at Kitty’s place, where they discussed the client, whom they all agreed was lying about the contents of the tablet. They also developed a plan of action.

A Crying Shame about the Car

The team departed Kitty’s and headed to the Aerie Hills Condominiums, where they inspected Rei’s Bentley Diplomat in the parking garage.

The vehicle had been damaged just enough to prevent it from being considered totaled, meaning that repairs to the vehicle would be lengthy and extensive, and that the owner (Rei) would be forced to pay a sizeable deductable on his insurance. Included in the damage, was extensive grafitti, which pointed to the Finks Bikie Gang.

While not normally their style, it was not inconcievable that members of the group had been hired by a third party to trash the vehicle and the apartment. This led the group to head upstairs to room 1402, where Rei resided to review the damage done to the apartment.

An Inspection of the Premises

Upstairs, it was easy to see that the apartment was not equipped with any sort of reasonable security. The door was secured by a simple lock, and there were no cameras, motion sensors or other countermeasures in place to prevent or deter break-ins. Additionally the building itself was an unsecured and uncontrolled building and was not equipped with any sort of security systems or cameras.This meant that the vandals were able to gain access to the apartment without any difficulty, special training or equipment. They used an old-fashioned crowbar to leverage the door and gained entry relatively quickly.

The wrecking crew then proceeded to smash all the personal property belonging to the apartment owner, but were careful to leave anything connected to the apartment complex network unharmed. This meant that they smashed the flat-screen, the food printer, furniture and all his clothes and foodstuffs. They did not however, touch the smart glass window, the smart fridge, or the smart mirror in the bathroom. This indicated that the crew conducting the vandalism had a working knowledge of their art beyond that of the average ruffian. Flash paint was used on every accessible surface, and animal urine was poured onto ruined furniture and the carpeting.

The only theft that took place occurred in the bedroom, where an ineffective wall safe was located, ripped open using a crowbar and looted of it’s contents. This is where the missing tablet was stored. It was unclear whether there was anything else in the safe at the time it was looted.

Gathering Intel

Based on what the group observed at the scene of the vandalism and robbery, they came to the conclusion that it was a very personal and deliberate event. This, along with the suspicion that someone at the office may be behind the event, led the group to agree that it was most likely initiated by someone that Rei work with.

To help get to the bottom of things, the group decided to splint into groups to follow potential locations, with the hopes that they would be able to shed more light on the potential identity of the perpetrator. To these ends, Gimmy and Kitty would track down the Finks to see what could be learned by making contact with them.

While they were doing that, Coop, FyFy and Bunyip would head to the only diner near Mitsuhama Ironworks, the IO Diner, to see if they could catch any of the workers talking about anything that might tip them off to a potential rival.

Will wanted to conduct a records search concerning the existence of any alleged dead daughter, to see if such a person really had ever existed. He and the others felt that this was an attempt, although a poorly executed attempt, by Rei to solicit sympathy concerning the recovery of the tablet. They all believed that there was something more to the tablet then he wanted to admit, and with their curiosity piqued, they wanted to start digging into his story.

And finally, Rusty and Todd would attempt to visit the foundry under the pretense of meeting with Rei concerning a potential business meeting in an attempt to gauge the environment and try to get impressions of anyone that may be working closely with their client. This may allow them to narrow down their list of potential suspects.

The King is a Fink!

In order to locate the finks, a group with which no one in the team had any contacts or knowledge, Gimmy and Kitty would first need to figure out where they congregated. To get this information, Gimmy contacted a friend of his in the Fallen Angels, Grizzly in an attempt to get the location of the Fink’s club house. Grizzley pointed the duo to Suck Bang Blow Biker Burnout Bar, loacted in the north side of Industry. Beyond their location and the name of the Bar’s Owner, Basil Morris Grizzly didn’t have any other information. However, it was sufficient for their needs and the two headed there.

Upon arriving, it was apparent that the bar was a generally rough location, although it was peaceful enough at the time they were there. The two made contact with Basil at the bar and made some discrete inquiries there. After a short conversation, Basil directed them to a very large man sitting alone. He told them that they could ask the man about the break-in and the tablet. Basil gave the man’s name as Lawrence.

Kitty and Gimmy approached him, and managed to start enough of a conversation to get themselves invited to the table. A short while later, between the two of them, they had managed to get Lawrence to admit to having the tablet, and for a price of 10,000 CR, they purchased the tablet from him. Basil delivered the tablet to them, as he was attempting to decrypt it.

Kitty and Gimmy passed him their card and left the bar in possession of the tablet that the client desired. Now aware that the tablet was encrypted, and more determined then ever to unravel the device’s contents, they returned to Kitty’s apartment to wait for the others.

Diner Blues

Fyfy, Bunyip and Coop headed to the IO Diner in Industry, in an attempt to see if they could pick up or illicit any rumors or gossip concerning the apartment among any of the workers from the Ironworks at the diner. They began by positioning themselves near a group of Ironworks employees, identifiable by their work uniforms and began a loud conversation about the event in an attempt to see if anyone would chime in. When this ploy failed, the group ordered some food and decided to conduct a different sort of data collection on their client.

At Fyfy’s suggestion Coop accessed the FPD records associated with Rei, to discover a number of minor entanglements over the years between their client and the police. These included public drunkenness, DUI, a Weapons violation, some assault charges and a number of traffic violations. Coop also discovered that Rei had immigrated to Australia 3 years prior from the Shinjuku neighborhood of Tokyo Japan. He learned that Rei had some distinguishing scars from bullet wounds and had extensive tattoo removal performed prior to his arrival. This last bit of information l;ed the trio to wonder whether there were ties to the Yakuza.

Additionally Bunyip was able to access the Frontier-Me™ scores of their client, and was surprised to learn that he had recently suffered a serious (212) point hit to his professional score just over three weeks prior. This may be the impetus for the personal attack on the apartment and car if the group could figure out why the hit was levied. Additionally, Bunyip managed to gain access to Rei’s corporate data access, by working out that his username was RYasunari and his password was BIGWIG1. This gave the team access to the corporate organizational chart which allowed them to identify Ton Uyeno as Rei’s immediate subordinate. This allowed Bunyip to then review Ton’s Frontier-Me™ score to reveal that the junior man was much higher rated then his boss, offering a potential motive for the attack, if Ton were responsible for it’s implementation.

After finishing their meal, the trio headed to Kitty’s to share their information.

Forging Relationships

Rusty and Todd arrived at the Ironworks where they were stopped at the front gates. As they were unexpected, and due to the security at the facility, they were forced to wait until Rei would allow them entrance. Interestingly enough, although Rei authorized them to wait in his office, they never met with their client, who was busy with a foundry inspection.

Instead, they had the opportunity to meet with Ton Uyeno and Satomi Yanzo. As such, they were able to assess Ton’s abilities, demeanor and skills. This would strengthen any belief that he may be the one responsible for the vandalism at the apartment.

The two were also able to meet and assess, although limited by the language barrier, Satomi. learning another little bit of information shedding light on their Client’s demeanor and personality.

After being stood up for their “meeting” with Rei, the pair left with a better impression of their client, acquired by inspecting his office and the two people closest positioned to him. They returned to kitty’s apartment to share information.

Meanwhile back at the Apartment…

Once everyone had returned, the teams shared their information. added to these reports, Bill was able to confirm that there was no record of any child where Rei was concerned. In addition, it seemed that Rei had no identifiable family at all, making him an effective orphan as far as records showed. Coupled with the knowledge that there was extensive Tattoo removal, the possibility that he was in some way associated with the Yakuza in Japan seemed more likely.

Bunyip decided to attempt to crack the encryption on the tablet, only to discover that he did not have sufficient processing power available to him at the apartment. The group decided to relocate to the share-space that Bunyip used for his programming projects and attempt to readdress the encryption. after another attempt, it became clear that Bunyip just did not have the equipment he needed to be successful.

I Need More Power!

However, an unlikely answer appeared. Rusty’s sister Verna Baker, not only had the equipment, but was an expert in encryption. With a phone call, Rusty convinced her to assist in the decryption of the data files on the tablet in exchange for a favor. Happy with that exchange, Verna arrived at the share-space with a van full of mobile equipment.

Once set up, it took her an hour to crack the 3TB encryption on the files.

The data, however, seemed encoded further. A ledger like table seemed to create a series of numbers associated with a decimalized weight measured in kilograms. It was Todd, using some data that he had seen in Rei’s Office that figured out the meaning of the numbers. It was revealed that the numbers were the atomic weights for the rare and precious metals Titanium (TI 47.867), Cesium (CS 132.91), Iridium (IR 192.22), Gold (AU 196.97), Silver (AG 107.87) and Platinum (PT 195.08) followed by a decimal weight (such as 0.012455 Kg). It was obvious at this point that these were minuscule amounts of precious materials that were “stolen” from the foundry. Todd suspected that there was most likely a programmer involved, since any spillage or splash slag was cleaned up and recycled by robots at the plant. He and Rusty had witnessed this in action while there.

A second data set seemed to indicate a series of payments in Credits to three individuals listed as RY, PS and PZ. It was not difficult to determine that RY was Rei Yasunari. but the names associated with the abbreviations PS and PZ were unknown at that time.

To determine who these people might be, Bunyip once again delved into the corporate personnel records for the Ironworks in an attempt to match possible people with the initials PZ and/or PS. While no PZ existed, he was able to identify the only person in the facility with the initials PS, Payton Style, a level two robot programmer.

Fyfy suggested that PZ may not be a company employee but perhaps a street contact, maybe a fixer. Using this knowledge Kitty was able to work through the names of low-level or mid-level movers in the city whose initials might match. Her efforts yielded the name Parker Zion, a moderately successful fence in stolen goods. Since it is difficult to track precious metals on the black market, it seemed likely that Parker was the most likely candidate for PZ in the ledger.

Armed with this new information, the team had now uncovered a trio involved in a theft and resale of stolen precious metals. Now they just had to decide what they should do with their new found knowledge.

A Course of Action

After significant deliberation, the team was able to determine that the best payout for the job would be to turn over the data implicating their employer to Mitsuhama for review.

This would guarantee that there would be no chance of being seen as complicit in his wrongdoing, if and when the corporation uncovered his operation.

To move forward with this plan, the team determined first to provide the recovered tablet to the employer and collect the 5,000 CR each that they were promised. Only after that would they move forward with turning the data over to Mitsuhama.

Arranging the Exchange

To facilitate returning the tablet to the client, Kitty called to arrange a meeting between Yanasuri and the team. Yanasuri was very quick to arrange the meeting within 30-minutes of the call at the upper level of a parking garage in Mumbly. Because of the speed of the meeting, Kitty because concerned of a possible doublecross and so contacted [[:e angie-davis |Angie Davis]] to act as an overwatch and countersniper should it be needed.

The team made their way to the meet point and Kitty, FyFy and Gimmy made the meet on the top level of the parking Garage, while the others waitied one floor down to act as support if needed.

Yanasuri arrived by AV, using a private security firm utilizing a Meurot Traveler as transport to carry the client and the security team. It was unclear whether the client was intending on starting trouble or not.

Kitty took the initiative to begin the conversation around the payment for the recovered tablet. The client was exceptionally displeased that those responsible, namely the Finks had not been dealt with. Kitty assured him that he did not want to take that on, as the bikie gang would be more likely to come back for vengeance. She refused to conduct that aspect of the job, but insisted on the payment for the recovered tablet.

Preparing the Bonfire

After he departed, the team moved onto discrediting and dealing with the client, who fundamentally threatened them. To deal with this properly, Kitty was forced to make a few calls to street contacts to forewarn them of the move, so that they were able to distance themselves from the client.

To this ends, she began by contacting her contact, Dorian Byrn, to confirm that the elimination of the client would not interfere with his business. Having confirmed this, she then contacted Parker Zion, Rei’s partner in the precious metals smuggling operation. Kitty warned him of the impending incident, so that he could stay clear of any trouble that may be headed his way as a result of the team’s next action.


Kitty then put the plan into motion by contacting Ton Uyeno and advising him of the information that they had obtained from the tablet. They agreed to 50% of the reward that the company would provide Ton by revealing the theft, and the team wanted to rough up the client just a little before he was taken into custody by the corporation.

Ton agreed to these conditions, and took possession of the data.

Feel the Burn

Ton made contact the following day with Kitty to advise that he had taken the needed actions to start the inquiry into Rei’s activities. He also advised that he had made the arrangements for the same security company that had transported Rei to the group’s last meeting, to transport Rei again, but this time to the Battleground, where the team could intercept him and deal a little street justice, prior to him being turned over to corporate authorities.

Kitty notified the team, and they all headed to the Battleground to await Rei’s delivery.

Once the AV landed, the hired security escort, drug Rei free from the AV, and turned him over to the team for his beating. All things considered, the team was reserved in their punishment, and left him with only some soreness and bruising. After the distribution of justice, the security escort transported Rei to corporate custody.


The following day, Ton made contact with Kitty to arrange for the payment. After everything was said and done, the payout was 81,500 CR per person. In addition, Rei was processed through Corporate Legal, and Ton became the new manager for the Mitsuhama Ironworks .

The Job

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