Bands and Rockers


Music is a force of Nature. Whether its meant to express love, pain or anger, Music is one of the primordial energies that drive humanity to great heights. It can shape the fates of nations, bring justice, incite riots and civil unrest and give hope to the downtrodden masses.

The Architects of the musical world have learned that they possess the power to manipulate the very fabric of reality, twisting and shaping opinions, and building constructs colored by the blistering guitars and throbbing drums that call to our primal being.

As a force for good or evil, for justice or deceit, music is universal to every culture and every man woman and child on the planet. It is an ever-shifting entity of concept and impression evolving alongside the human form.

The darkness of our dystopia is reflected in music. Grinding industrial beats remind us of the technological, imbedded under our skin and in our flesh and invading our lives- while stuttering digital sound bytes take us into the digital realm.

Music is Universal. Music is Primal. Music is Power!

Here are the architects of the musical world in which we exist. Beware all Ravers who party here!




Bands and Rockers

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