Camp Waverly


Camp Waverly is a military base located on the Southwestern coast of the city of Frontier. The base is located on Waverly Island, which lies at the mouth of the Frontier Canal. The Island acts as a natural shield, preventing any direct naval assault on or along the length of the Canal. The island is connected to the mainland via the Waverly Island Bridge.

Because of the prevalence of dangerous reefs along the western coast, the Sable Channel creates the only navigable path through to the city. Camp Waverly is positioned expressly to command that approach, forcing all incoming traffic to pass directly around the base, before entering the Canal. It is also located very close to the Frontier International Airport, allowing for the rapid deployment of forces, should the need arise.

Camp Waverly is a combined operations facility. As such, although generally considered a Naval facility, it has personnel from all of the branches of the Australian Military. A complete air assault squadron, light mechanized Infantry division and Naval Harbor defense squadron are all available resources to be used for the defense of the city.

In addition to the primary military presence on Camp Waverly, a high security detention facility is on operation on the Island. This facility, Outpost Poseidon, is designed to hold high ranking enemy military personnel captured during the Pacific Conflict. Additionally, they hold dangerous radical elements as well, namely anti-government subversives working against the Australian authorities.

Although the Camp is technically within the confines of the city, it is for all intents and purposes, a self-sufficient isolated facility.

Camp Waverly

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