Carson is a neighborhood located in the city of Frontier in Western Australia. The neighborhood is border by the Frontier Neighborhoods of Port Lee, Agworks, The Bailey and The Bends.

The neighborhood is dependent on the gambling industry that provides the majority of its revenue. The area is a mishmash of economic conditions. One the one side, there are the casinos, surrounded by expensive retailers, restaurants and dance clubs. On the other side of the spectrum is the tenement housing tracts, the strip and sex clubs, the low-end dance clubs, bail bondsmen, pawn shops and substandard retail shops and restaurants.

Of the many locations found in the neighborhood, some of the most recognizable are the Imperial Casino, the Superstition Casino, the Prosperity Pavilion and Casino Resort and the Aria Casino.

Also located in this neighborhood is the Centro Trans Hub. This hub combines a massive multistory dirigible and zeppelin hub, as well as the central transportation hub for the entire city’s metropolitan bus line. This central hub building houses several of the smaller transportation companies headquartered in the city.


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