Mankind has begun to dictate their own evolution. Through the implementation of Cyberware, Bioware and Genetic modification, Mankind has laid out a course of constant self-alteration. This alteration isn’t always for the best. Extensive implantation, modification and grafts sometimes push the user beyond the realms of humanity, creating psychological directives that separate them from the human collective community.

Cybernetics, particularly offer enhanced strengths, survival, offensive capabilities, protection, and physical alterations that are biologically impossible to achieve. These Options replace or enhance the existing biological creating an integrated Biomechanical interface in place of the perceived weakness inherent in the flesh of humanity.

Despite this, or because of this, Transhumanism is becoming popularized in the mainstream media. It can be seen first hand on the battlefields, the streets and the homes on every continent of the planet.

In all of known history, never has a species been able to modify their own bodies to force their evolution forward. We live in that time, balanced on the cusp of the evolutionary battleground. The outcome of this conflict will ultimately decide what it means to be human. How is it defined and what path does your evolution take when you begin to guide it on your own.

How to read the Statistics

  • Category: This is the category of the detailed Cyberware. It can be an add-on to an existing piece of hardware, such as an option for a limb, or it can be a piece that falls under a specific category, such as Neuralware. Some categories require specific prerequisites before they can be installed.
  • Slots: If the detailed component is an add-on, it may have a slot requirement. This number is the number of slots needed to install the component in the appropriate Cyberware. Not all components require slots.
  • Humanity Loss: The is the cost in humanity that must be paid at the time of installation. Every 10 points of HL is equal to a reduction of 1 Empathy.
  • Surgery Code: If the component required surgery to install, the type of surgery will be listed here.

1. NA= None
2. NE= Negligible
Required Facilities: Community Clinic or drop-in Body Shop
Surgery Time: 1 hour
Surgical Damage : 1 point
Surgery Difficulty: Easy
3. MI= Minor
Required Facilities: Medical Center or Ripperdoc Clinic
Surgery Time: 2 hours
Surgical Damage : 1d6+1 points
Surgery Difficulty: Simple
4. MA= Major
Required Facilities: Full Surgical Center
Surgery Time: 4 hours
Surgical Damage : 2d6+1 points
Surgery Difficulty: Trained
5. CR= Critical
Required Facilities: Full Surgical Center
Surgery Time: 6 hours
Surgical Damage : 3d6+1 points
Surgery Difficulty: Difficult
6. EX= Extreme
Required Facilities: Full Specialty Surgery Center
Surgery Time: 12 hours
Surgical Damage : 5d6+1 points
Surgery Difficulty: Specialty

  • Cost: The cost of the component, not including the cost of installation in credits. This is the cost only for the hardware.

As we all know the ever present innovation of cybernetics in the wide world has an affect upon the cost and abilities of the cyberware that is available around the world. In an attempt to keep this information as up-to-date as possible, an updated price list has been compiled. It incorporates all the cyberware released in the Cyberpunk 2020 Second Edition Core Rules book, as well as that released in all four of the Chromebook expansions.

Please pay close attention to the costs and the Humanity Losses associated with the cyberware listed form these books. I have adjusted them a slight bit to represent a more readily available commodity, and in some cases reduced the humanity Cost to bring the item into better balance with the game as a whole. In a few instances, I have left specific pieces of cyberware off the list entirely. This is not to indicate that they are unavailable for purchase, but that they almost identically, or in some cases identically, mimicked another piece of cyberware already on the list. If you would like to purchase this item, you may do so, just let me know.
Because I have these items categorized by type as well as by book, if you desire any additional information about them, please refer to the sourcebook indicated for your data. Just remember that the HL and price may be different then those listed in the source book. Whenever this is the case, the list always takes priority.

Cyberware Price List







Categories of Cybernetics



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