East Township


East Township is a neighborhood located in the north central portion of the city of Frontier. The area is bordered by the Central City, Northside, Humphrey, Industry, liberty Docks, Uptown, and The Pinch neighborhoods.

The neighborhood is considered one of the poorer neighborhoods in the city. As such, it is decaying rapidly and possesses both a high unemployment and a high crime rate. The neighborhood is heavily reflective of it’s earliest roots as a center for immigrant communities. During the early years in Frontier’s formation, this neighborhood was the primary community for the thousands of foreign immigrants that flocked to the area looking for gainful employment in the construction of the city.

Many of these immigrants were Chinese, and when the outbreak of the Pacific Conflict occurred, mass migrations from Frontier left the remnants of the Chinese culture they had established behind. Now there are very few Asians in the neighborhood.

Since then, a large number of other immigrants have filled in the empty places they abandoned. The area is filled with underground clubs, questionable locations, and black markets.

Among the various places of interest is the Traintown Market an area that was an aborted attempt at developing a subway line. Another interesting area is a multilayered market place known as The Tiers. This is a result of multi-storied buildings built mostly underground with usually only one or two above ground levels. Over time, some of these places have been torn down and converted to open spaces. Stairways lead down into the lower levels, which have grown together and been modified into a single hive-like structure. The complex layout is difficult for those unfamiliar with this area to navigate it when they attempt to move through the lower levels.

East Township

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