Ebberton is an industrial neighborhood located in the city of Frontier. The neighborhood is bordered by Pinnacle, Bellamy, Monsato, Findlay Park, Newton, Southside and Uptown. It is positioned on the western edge of Bellamy Ridge and includes within its borders the Ebberton Reservoir.

The city was initially planned as a heavy industry neighborhood, and as such was built in districts, with a majority industrial facility at the center of each district. This was surrounded by house for factory workers, educational facilities, support industries, commercial outlets and finally recreational facilities.

Initially there were six districts. The Districts have names reflective of the corporation that originally operated the industrial facility at their hearts. However, despite this district design, the neighborhood as a whole operates under a central neighborhood system, not as individual sub divisions.

The Districts within this neighborhood are Helios District, EFF District, Nomad District, Toha District, Opticon District and the Tribal District. Each of the active districts still possess a viable industrial corporation and facility at their heart. Only the Tribal District, is currently without a viable Industrial sponsor for their area.

The neighborhood is generally considered middle class in economic standards. The economy varies from district to district, although the overall variance is minimal. Crime is an ongoing problem, especially in the poorer Tribal district in the neighborhood, where gang activity, drug related crimes and violent crimes are the most prominent throughout the neighborhood.


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