Findlay Park


Findlay Park is a neighborhood located in the Western Australia city of Frontier. The neighborhood is bordered by the Monsato, Obberland, Victoria, Newton, Southside, and the Ebberton neighborhoods. It is located in the southeastern portion of the city.

The neighborhood is a densely constructed area, filled with stacked retail spaces, hidden nightclub and a mixed variety of thickly packed apartments and coffin hotels. The area is so built up that it’s nearly impossible to adequately describe the area.

There are two main areas that give the neighborhood a sense of urgent hectic undertone. The first of these is the Sutay Shopping District. Anything that you want to buy can be had there. There are an incredible number of retail shops, some of which are above board, others possess special storage areas for the more questionable items.

The second location is the Neon District, a section of the neighborhood dedicated to the very blatant worship of neon. The area is comprised of a number of retail stores, strip clubs, theaters, boutiques and other related shops. The district has a local ordinance that requires all the shops in this area to have neon signs.

Findlay Park

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