Halfton is a northeastern neighborhood located in the Western Australian city of Frontier. The community is bordered by the Crosstown, Winding Creek, Bellamy, Canal Springs, and the Industry neighborhoods.

The neighborhood is characterized by it’s sheer vertical nature. With steep sided streets, the lower levels of the neighborhood tend to remain in near perpetual shadows. The area is lit by thousands of neon signs, video boards, and led light displays, making it one of the most visually interesting in the city.

Outside of the Orient neighborhood, Halfton has the highest concentration of Asian immigrants in the city. This is showcased by the large number of multi-lingual shopfronts, signs and advertisements playing in the area.

A couple of landmarks really stand out in this community. Among them is the Seventh Heaven Cyberbar, a cyber cafe suspended above the city streets, and accessible only by a single sky bridge. The bar possesses a glass floor, adding a sense of perpetual excitement to your experience.

Another Halfton icon is Cederic’s Doghouse, an American cuisine restaurant, serving the traditional Hotdogs and Fries that helped make American a world power. With nearly 300- different types of hotdogs on the menu, they are arguably the most prolific Hot dog house in the world.

If Ethnic Food is your thing, you shouldn’t miss the world renowned dishes served at the Gold Diamond Chinese Restaurant, the longest continually operating Chinese restaurant in the city. Family style traditional dishes are renowned for their exquisite flavors. Be prepared for a long wait, since the restaurant doesn’t take reservations save on very rare occasion. They also don’t deliver, dine-in only.

After a meal of epic proportions, you might head to the communities honest Dance venue, the Blue Girl Club. With live shows, DJ’s and one of the hottest dance floors in the city, you won’t be sorry you spent your evening there.

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